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3 Easy Ways To Keep Fitness Studio Members Engaged

Feb 7, 2019 - 4 min read

Do you know how to keep your clients engaged in your fitness studio?

Are you able to get them through the door often and keep their routines from feeling stale?

The key is to keep your members active and make them feel like they’re just as much a part of your fitness studio as you are.

Here are our 3 easy steps that will help you keep your members engaged and motivated throughout 2019.

Leverage Live Video

One way you can reach out to your members and keep them focused on their fitness goals outside of your studio are through live video posts.

Video posts have a 135% broader reach over posts with just photo or text. When videos are live on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, people are likely to watch it 3x longer .

Live videos are also a great way to give viewers a peek into your studio classes, and make members realize what they’re missing by not being there. You can add value by sharing warm-up techniques, cool down exercises and nutritional tips. You could also conduct live mini-interviews with your outstanding members to try and motivate people to join your classes.

Fitness subscription service Classpass offers unlimited access to live and on-demand video workouts, giving back real-time feedback and motivation during live classes - two things that are often missing from home-workouts.

Peloton has offered on-demand spin class streaming (both pre-recorded and live) for a while now, but their expanded Peloton Digital iOS app allows users to stream everything from cycling and running to boot camp, stretching, yoga, and cardio at a variety of durations and levels of intensity.

Start Fitness Challenges

Sometimes a good, old-fashioned fitness challenge can be just what members need to feel reinvigorated.

You could track members’ progress somewhere visible in your studio and offer a prize for members who hit the goal, a certain number of classes within a month/week for example. You can take this to the next level and incorporate live leaderboards to fuel your members throughout their workouts.

You can create many contests at different times of the year, like 21-day challenges, class attendance contests, and competitions for the highest number of tracked workouts in a month, which members can access on their smartphones from your custom app.

Keep in mind that challenges should be fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not going to engage anyone but the most hardcore fitness fanatics.

So now what?

By now you have realized the value of fitness challenges. All that’s left to do is create and integrate your own to your business!

Easier said than done, right? Fear not, we’re here with a step-by-step Ebook to help you along the way. First, click that button below.

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Introduce ‘Bring A Friend’ Referral Program

People are typically 4x more likely to buy when they’re referred by a friend, and the lifetime value is 16% higher for a referral member than a non-referral.

By offering your members a discount for them and a friend to your studio classes, not only do you benefit from an extra potential member but you also increase the chance of both of them staying with you for an extended period of time.

Running referral schemes also increases the community feeling in your studio as members are more likely to train with someone they already know. Up to 44% of fitness studio members prefer to exercise with at least one friend, and if their friend doesn’t go to your fitness studio, your member could be at risk of churning.

Find out more about Building Your Own Customer Referral Program


Keep giving your clients more reasons to come back to your studio and always remind them how important they are to your business. Engaged clients are more likely to continue working out at your fitness studio, so it’s worth putting in the time and effort to stream live videos, implement fitness challenges and offer referral schemes to keep your members motivated and focused on their fitness goals with you.

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