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All-in-one yoga studio software.

Management · Scheduling · Mobile Apps · Community

Don't spend hours doing tedious work that can be done in a matter of minutes. Virtuagym streamlines your administration, scheduling, and more, so you have more time in your day to spend with your yogis.

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Yoga studios manage their business better with Virtuagym.

Studio management & payments

Manage your clients and payment process in one, easy-to-use system.

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Flexible class scheduling

Stop taking bookings over the phone. Give your yogis the ability to book independently.

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Online yoga community

Stay in touch with your yogis 24/7 and build a real community around your business.

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Virtuagym's yoga studio software helps me speed up my scheduling and administration, and gives me a clear overview of my clients.

Emma van Kooten, School of Yoga

Easy yoga studio management.

We understand that your passion doesn't include paperwork. Instead of using breathing exercises to calm yourself before doing the bookkeeping, simply use Virtuagym. Our solutions manage the entire management system, from sign-up to contract renewal to payment processing. Use those extra hours you save every week doing what you love.

Virtuagym Business Analytics

Contract management

Manage contact and contract details in one place. Contracts can be completely customized to fit your needs. Limited access, autorenewal, trial memberships - you're only limited by your imagination.
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Payment processing

Keep your finances in the black with automated payment processing. Virtuagym supports all major payment methods and integrates with leading payment providers.
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Webshop & point of sale

Make it easy on yogis and sell membership via your webshop. Do you sell merch, food or drinks? Then our point of sale module is the go-to tool.
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Effortless scheduling and class booking.

Be more mindful of your time by automating your scheduling process. Virtuagym saves you hours upon hours by taking over manual tasks. Instead of spending hours on the phone to process bookings and cancellations, you can spend more time perfecting your asanas.

A flexible schedule

Get complete control over your class offering. From activity types to sign-up rules, our tools are a fit for your business model.
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Maximize attendance

Class reminders, waiting lists for popular classes and attendance tracking all work together to keep your classes filled up.
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Classes that pay off

Use our class credit system to sell single sessions or multi-class passes. Your yogis can buy their credits directly in your own webshop.
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Healthier and happier yogis.

Yoga is more than just following a class now and then. It's mind, body, lifestyle. Help your yogis to reach their full potential even when they´re not in your studio. We enable 24/7 member communication via your own online community and mobile apps. This way, you'll never miss a chance to help your members.

Your own yoga app

Offer your yogis access to an award-winning mobile app, designed to fit your business and branding.
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Online yoga community

Interact with your yogis through discussion groups and personal profiles to provide an engaging social experience.
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Wellness challenges

Motivate your yogis with challenges so they work on a healthier lifestyle every single day.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need yoga studio software?
    Yoga studio software helps you manage all aspects of your business in less time. Automate business processes like sign-ups, billing, and booking. Give your yogis access to your own mobile app, so they can connect, book, and pay with ease wherever they are. In the end, the hours you free up by implementing yoga software are hours you can now spend on growing your business and improving your service level.
  • Can yoga studio software help me grow my business?
    It sure can! The more tasks you automate, the more time you'll have to spend on doing what you love most. Do away with pen and paper or confusing CSV files. Get a clear overview of your yogis, your cashflows, and your class scheduling. Use those insights to identify opportunities for growth, and implement them right away. Running a successful yoga studio has never been this easy.
  • How does yoga software help me with scheduling?
    You're running a yoga studio for only one reason: you love to teach yoga. Manual work is only a roadblock for your passion. Scheduling classes manually, taking attendance, chasing no-shows, making sure you get paid, it all takes away from that. Virtuagym's yoga studio software helps you by taking over a boatload of tasks and automating them. Automatic class reminders, waiting lists, attendance tracking, it's all designed to give you peace of mind and let you focus on teaching classes.
  • How can Virtuagym help me to build a yoga community?
    Happy yogis stay committed longer. With our community software, you can connect with your yogis 24/7 via your yoga studio's mobile app. The online community is a social environment you can use to promote interaction between yogis, motivate and inspire, and keep everyone up-to-date of your latest offers. The result: more engaged and happier yogis that stay with your business.

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