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Go hybrid with your own video workout platform

Deliver an amazing home workout experience for your clients, anytime, anywhere. Upload your own video workouts and let your clients access them through your own mobile app, or cast to a TV via Apple TV and Chromecast. Boost client engagement and revenue with a true hybrid offering.

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Added value

Combine offline and online services to offer your clients more, and strengthen their subscription value.

Boost revenue

Offer your PRO video workouts for an extra fee - it’s time to make money from digital workouts.

Reduce churn

Keep your clients happy and engaged by offering them on- and offline workouts, all made by you.

Go hybrid

Video is key for going hybrid and expanding outside the four walls of your facility.

Fully integrated Video Workout Platform

  • Web interface to upload your video workouts
  • Different categories to organize content
  • Set workout difficulty and intensity
  • Set visibility of videos
  • Make videos available for PRO only
  • Videos can be used by trainers for coaching

Click on the video to see how the platform works.

Deliver an amazing home experience

  • Clients can browse by categories and filters
  • Select on workout type, time and difficulty
  • Videos run fully native in the app
  • View in app or broadcast to TVs via Apple TV and Chromecast
  • Burnt calories are automatically tracked in the client profile
  • COMING: Measure effort with fully integrated heart rate tracking
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Discover how the Video Workout Platform from Virtuagym can help you stay ahead of the competition, increase client satisfaction and boost your revenue.

Digital membership

Don’t want to create your own videos? Check out our turnkey PRO+ Digital Membership to offer a rich hybrid experience!

  • 1,000+ preselected workout videos.
  • 200 virtual workouts.
  • Weekly challenges.
  • Curated group updates.
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Discover how the Video Workout Platform from Virtuagym can help you stay ahead of the competition, increase client satisfaction and boost your revenue.

  • Love this system! I looked and tried out well over 5 systems. This one is hands down the best one I’ve used with the best options and so much help from my onboard specialist.

    Kori Stover

  • Great software and all the tools needed to train clients virtually and or in person. On boarding team is awesome and patient with clients like my self who to reschedule

    Shuntunna Henry

  • I have known VG for two years now and it is the one app I don´t feel ashamed to be addicted to

    Elena Gallardo Millan

  • The platform is awesome. Been with them for several years.

    Bernard Morning

  • It was what we were looking for and more!! It has excellent analytical tools, member engagement tools like mobile apps with chat options and a lot more

    Michelle Lucas

  • Not only is Virtuagym a great, user friendly system. But the support to help understand how to use it's full potential is amazing.

    Jamie Routledge

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