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Time-Saving Training Plan Software

Forget wasting time on writing training plans for your clients. You can now create plans through the Workout Editor, send the plans to your clients' phone and track their progress.

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Replace paper training plans

Accessible from any smartphone

Track your client's performance

4,500+ 3D exercises available

Replace paper training plans

Accessible from any smartphone

4,500+ 3D exercises available

Say Goodbye to Paper Training Plans

Forget about using Spreadsheets or papers for your Training Plans. With our Workout Editor, you can create digital plans by choosing over 4,500 3D exercises and send them to your clients' smartphone. Additionally, you can duplicate training plans in order to save lots of time for the creation of new plans.

Create digital training plans
World's biggest exercise database with 4,500+ 3D Exercises
Save time by creating and duplicating templates

Help your clients achieve their goals

Personal Training clients do not simply want to see physical improvement nowadays, they want facts. Show them their progress with this feature, which displays their achievements with you in details.

Dashboards and graphs with statistics
250+ measurement metrics available
Spot client's trends at a glance


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All The Training Features

Discover all the Training features that will facilitate your clients' Training

Create and Assign Training Plans

Create and assign professional training plans in minutes with our drag-and-drop editor. Save time by duplicating plans for similar clients.

World's Biggest Activity Library

Virtuagym contains an ever-growing database with 4500+ 3D-animated activities.

For Every Type of Business

From independent trainers to studios to big box gym chains: our workout editor is the right fit.

Progress Tracking

Keep an eye on client progress through hundreds of available metrics, and spot their trends at a glance.

Always Available, for You and Your Clients

Training plans are available on any computer, your branded fitness app, or branded print-outs.

Constant Innovation

We'll keep adding exercises and new features, to make sure that our software works for you.


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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use our training schedule software?
    This app can be used by either individual trainers or gyms. Personal trainers can easily manage information for custom training plans, and users can easily create fitness goals. The features in this app enable trainers to track progress, measure fitness goals, monitor the lifestyle habits of his/her clients, and access other information on their clients' profiles.
  • Can your business grow with our software?
    As a coach, you don’t want to stay behind with your training plans, and the right software gives you the possibility to easily keep on track of all your clients' needs. With our software you can easily personalize training plans and ensure your clients have a variation of workouts to keep them motivated. Our software will help you improve your level of service to clients and give every member a unique experience.
  • Can you make training sessions more efficient with our software?
    Yes, with our software it's easy to make training sessions more effective. Create workouts using our exercises training database of over 5000 professional exercises. Our training program software is essential for creating the ultimate fitness experience for every one of your members that walks through the door.
  • What can you find in our training plan library?
    Virtuagym has a database with over 4,500 3D animated activities. With all those activities you can create personalized training plans to show your clients' different techniques and keep them motivated towards their fitness goals. Creating new training plans is quicker and simpler with the workout editor.
  • How can our training plan software help your business?
    With our software, it's easy to create training plans in minutes, which gives you more time to spend on your clients. No longer do you have to write up long e-mails and go over Excel lists. We do all the hard work for you.
  • Why do you need software to create your training plans?
    A training plan is about more than just a template, it's about personal attention. Training plans should be designed around the learning experience and should meet your clients' expectations. With our training plan software, you can easily create and customize training plans for every need.

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