Stronger Together

World’s first turnkey online coaching and engagement solution. A ready-to-use digital membership full of
online coaching content. It keeps members engaged while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to support their local gym.

5 Benefits for Stronger Together for your Business

Find out how Stronger Together can help you and your members after reopening.


Extra membership revenue

A good digital offering in place that members will pay for. Without you doing the heavy lifting.

Workout from home and in your gym

Stronger Together provides a seamless digital enhancement to your in-club services. And you can easily enhance it with your own (live) video workouts.



Content to keep members engaged

This includes 3D workouts, 600+ streaming video classes, meditations, group updates and challenges. More touchpoints to boost overall member retention.



Let members support you

Provide this rich online experience in return for a monthly fee, so you can keep your recurring revenue in place. In return they will help you out. #strongertogether

Implementation with minimal upfront cost

Start for a one-time fee of 49.- . Your members can easily purchase this digital fitness experience, for which we charge only 2.- / user / month. You can upsell this add-on for any price.


Why Stronger Together?

An online coaching offering is hard work, it’s like managing an extra business. By talking with customers like you, we realized that most of you want to get that online part of your business kick-started, but you don’t have the time, nor resources to do so. With Stronger Together that’s no longer an issue. We manage your online business for a fraction of the price you would normally pay to do it yourself.

Let members support their local gym

Stronger Together doesn’t just benefit members but also enables them to support their gym or studio through challenging times. That’s partly where the name comes from. We are stronger together - we help you (our customer) to help your members stay fit with a digital membership experience, so your members in return can support you by paying a recurring membership fee for the digital at home experience.

Welcome to the Future of Fitness!

While Stronger Together offers great value now, we believe that in a post-pandemic world, the value of a rich, holistic digital membership experience is a great extra service you can always charge extra for, also after Corona. Moreover, this experience will help you retain your members through providing them with a complete wellness experience in addition to your physical offering.

Don't just take our word for it

This is what our clients have to say about Virtuagym.

Beth, The Body Content

There’s a very big community focus within the Virtuagym app and that’s really important. It matches what we’re trying to do. The app's challenge feature is great for helping our clients achieve their goals but it’s fun for them too - it’s exciting for them to see the leaderboard go up.

Workout Anytime

We’ve been able to work with Virtuagym to accelerate the rollout of access to at-home workouts. We don’t just want one solution; we want as many as you’d have if you walked into one of our live classes.

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