Retain your customers
Retain Your Customers

Boost Your Customer Retention

With our data-driven retention planner and customer health score, you can identify the risk of customer churn, while our engagement tools and upsell opportunities ensure an active and motivated client community.
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Reduce Churn

Identify churn risks early, reconnect with customers using powerful engagement tools, and foster strong customer relationships.

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Elevate Experiences

Provide additional digital services that add value to the fitness journey: from workout videos and heart rate tracking.

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Build A Strong Client Base

Implement engaging challenges, share inspirational content, and foster connections through group interactions.

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Share Successes

Encourage clients in your community by liking activities, sharing motivational messages, and asking questions.

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Flexible Communication

Share news and updates with all your customers: send mass messages, target specific segments, or reach out individually.

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Get Personal

Members activate personal profiles on your community platform to showcase their progress, share posts, and engage with others.

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Personalized Goals

Empower your clients or coaches to set personalized goals utilizing our wide array of challenges.

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Reward the Effort

By reaching goals and completing challenges, clients will automatically be rewarded with virtual or physical rewards.

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Integration with Activity Trackers

Expand your business beyond your facilities and create challenges that leverage the integration with wearables.

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Centralize Information

Once completed, questionnaire results are accessible through the client profile, ensuring you can find a record of their answers.

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Simplify Onboarding

Help your clients get off to a strong start and automatically share a mandatory intake questionnaire which they activate their account.

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Evaluation Made Easy

Through questionnaires, ask specific questions to understand your client's wants and needs and centralize all feedback. 

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More Than 9,000 Businesses Trust Virtuagym

More than 9,000 businesses across the world trust Virtuagym with their fitness software

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