Complete software solution for personal training studios

Training Plans · Scheduling · Management · Mobile Apps

Less administration. More sessions. Better coaching services. Offer your clients the very best service with Virtuagym’s personal training studio software.

Complete software solution for personal training studios

Training Plans · Scheduling · Management · Mobile Apps

Less administration. More sessions. Better coaching services. Offer your clients the very best service with Virtuagym’s personal training studio software.

Personal training studios work better with Virtuagym.

Powerful mobile apps

A unique set of 3 mobile apps that support both clients and coaches.

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Studio administration

Automate your payment process, member management, scheduling, and more.

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World-class coaching

Exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, and other high-performance tools.

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More motivated clients

Keep clients on track with challenges, rewards, and an online community.

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I couldn’t imagine being old school and not being able to use this software, it takes away a lot of the extra costs that you would need to hire people to come in and do the admin work.

Eoin O'Malley, The Body Content

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Three powerful apps to support your studio.

Leverage the power of our mobile fitness apps that help your trainers manage client guidance wherever they are. Tailor your client's app experience by delivering top-class content, style the apps in your own branding, and providing an easy way to interact with your business.

Coach app

Help your clients better with your own Coach app. Trainers can assign workout and nutrition plans, keep a real-time eye on progress, and centrally manage all client data.

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Fitness app

The very best mobile fitness app for studios. Your clients get access to all exercise content, challenges, scheduling, and your studio's social community.
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Food app

Real progress is gained in the kitchen. Offer clients personal guidance on their nutrition, or simply use the app to make clients more aware of their habits.

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Studio management & payment processing.

Manage and automate your entire administration in one place, from sign-up to contract renewal to payment processing. Reduce time spent on manual tasks, so your staff can focus on adding actual value - and you can focus on new opportunities for growth.

Client management

Manage contact and contract details in one place. Contracts can be customized to fit your business model. Limited access, autorenewal, trial memberships, it's all possible with Virtuagym.

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Automated payments

No more manual invoicing. Set up your billing once, and Virtuagym will take care of the rest. We support all major payment methods and integrate with leading payment providers.

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Online sign-up and merch sales

With your own webshop, clients can easily sign up online. Once they're on board, use the webshop and point of sale to boost merchandise sales.

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Our consultants will give you the grand tour and show how your personal training studio will benefit from Virtuagym.

World-class coaching software.

Virtuagym is designed to deliver results. Session scheduling, exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking and more are all part of the deal. We provide all the exercises, nutrition plans, and progress metrics for you to help any type of client.

Flexible scheduling

Set the availability of your trainers and let clients book whenever they want. This way your team can focus on coaching clients instead of taking phone calls.
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The #1 exercise database

Use thousands of 3D-animated exercises to build an endless variety of workout routines. Work more efficiently by creating templates that you can use time and again. Progress tracking? How does "200+ metrics" sound?

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Kitchen assistance

Create personalized nutrition plans, assign meals and offer personal coaching, or let your clients log their food intake independently in an easy-to-use mobile food app.

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Happier and healthier clients.

It can be a struggle to keep clients committed to coming back month after month. Virtuagym supports you with an online community that lets you and your clients engage with each other 24/7 through groups, profiles, and community challenges.

Online community

Keep in touch with your clients 24/7 through discussion groups and personal social profiles.
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Challenges & rewards

Make fitness fun by assigning challenges to your clients, and rewarding them for reaching their targets.
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Branded fitness app

Your clients get access to an award-winning mobile app, designed to fit your business and branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can personal trainer software help to build your online community?
    Community is important to clients. People want to share experiences and happy moments together. With Virtuagym, you have a unique online space for your clients to use to chat and discuss everything to do with fitness. It’s proven that when people feel like they belong, they stick around for longer.
  • Can online personal training software grow your business?
    Absolutely. Thanks to the powerful digital solution Virtuagym, your business will be able to grow faster for the long term and better than ever before. With more time to invest into training clients, your business will be healthier and more attractive to new clients. Next to that, you are also able to create a better marketing strategy. When you make more money with Virtuagym, you’re strengthening your position as a leader in the personal training world even when you just start a business.
  • What can personal trainer software do for your personal training business?
    Starting your own personal training business will be easier with the online personal training software from Virtuagym. You love to teach clients, and you need more time and energy to do this. Instead of writing invoices and manually adding coaching sessions, you can focus on your clients. You want to plan for the future and plan a solid path for your business to follow, but to do that you need personal trainer software. A digital platform saves you time, makes you more money, and shows your clients you’re serious about your business. Virtuagym helps balance your time between admin, training and investing in personal growth, to give more to your clients.
  • What are things to consider before you buy a personal trainer software?
    Before you dive into online personal training software, it’s important to think about what a powerful digital solution can do for your business. Virtuagym has a huge list of features that make life easier for personal trainers.
  • Why do you need online personal training software?
    Every personal trainer needs a strong structure to build their business on. Running a business and creating a strong business plan is not always easy. Personal trainer software saves time spent on administrative tasks and unlocks more time in your day to train with clients, track their progress and grow your client base. You get more value out of your training sessions. A digital solution can be used to manage billing, client bookings and for creating a unique community to promote your brand to potential clients.

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