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Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Professionals

Do more with your custom personal trainer software. Virtuagym’s easy-to-use platform allows you to take control of your day-to-day activities, spend more time with your clients while saving time on administrative tasks.

More than 9,000 gym owners and personal trainers across the world trust Virtuagym with their fitness businesses

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Effortless Coaching Management Solutions

Manage all your coaching operations from a central touchpoint using Virtuagym’s tailor-made dashboard. With this powerful personal trainer software, it’s easier than ever before to keep your business organized at the back-end, while offering your clients a hassle-free experience.
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Let your clients efficiently book classes through your website or app and save valuable time on calls, admin and cancellations.

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Membership Management

Save time and reduce hassle by automating your administration and managing your memberships in one personal trainer software.

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Payment Processing

Easy and flexible payment processing that makes accounting a breeze! Process payments efficiently through the best integrated payment platforms

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Personalized and Scalable Training

Explore innovative personal training solutions that make a concrete difference to your short and long-term goals as a personal trainer. Empower your clients to stay on track and care for their health when and where they need. A must-have for the modern trainer!
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Fitness Coaching App

Coach your personal training clients to their dream results when and where they want with your complete coaching toolset, customazible to your business.

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Nutrition Coaching

Easily compose meal plans and assign them to your clients with a database with over 100,000+ products at your fingertips.

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Progress Tracking

Use your personal trainer software to keep your clients on track and get them the results they want with hundreds of metrics, integated wearables and scales.

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Grow Your Personal Training Business

Grow your results and crush your business goals year after year by turning data-driven insights into actionable strategies. Grow your client base and explore new streams of revenue with plug-and-play personal trainer software solutions, customizable to your business goals.
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Lead Management

Convert more prospects into clients faster by streamlining your sales process. Nurture your clients and scale revenue beyond your expectations.

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Business Analytics

Take your business to the next level with easy-to-use data, actionable insights and AI-driven forecasting.

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Sell more products and packages and grow your revenue on your own plug-and-play webshop with or without an existing website.


Engagement Solutions That Foster Community

Happy and active clients stay loyal to you for longer - grow your engagement with comprehensive personal trainer software tools for communication and community building. Provide your clients with a social support system and stay in touch to understand their wants and needs.
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Community & Groups

Build an online social support system with personal profiles and messaging options for your clients and empower them to communicate with you and each other when and where they wish.

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Challenges & Leaderboards

Challenge and motivate your clients with leaderboards and digital prizes. Choose from our extensive library of challenges to help clients reach their fitness goals while having fun.

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Save time on getting your clients started on their health journeys and keep track of their feedback: questionnaires allow you to easily gather information from through a predefined list of questions.

Enhance Your Personal Training Business With Powerful Add-Ons

Virtuagym allows for exercise to be safe and for members to have more of a healthy life while fostering a community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the relevant and actionable data you’ll get will allow you to better understand how to develop relationships with members and improve by using our Business Analytics module and reporting tools.

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