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Partners and Integrations: InBody

InBody provides accurate, actionable body composition insights, helping clients and members reach their fitness goals. Pair it with your Virtuagym software for long-term tracking and training.

Integration with InBody

InBody’s body composition scanner allows fitness professionals to track 30 body composition metrics, including the fat, protein, mineral, water and muscle content of their clients and members. In 45 seconds, the scanner identifies body composition values and delivers a comprehensive set of data that helps clients achieve their fitness goals. This can all be linked to Virtuagym’s in-app progress trackers.

With the Virtuagym integration you can see and track this progress over time in a member’s Virtuagym profile. Coaches and clients have quick access to the information in both the client and coach app. With this integration, you can digitize InBody results, making it easier to track progress. This saves time and allows you to quickly and easily advise clients on their diet and training plans, keeping them motivated and engaged long-term.

Astrid Courtay, Head of Sales for InBody Benelux and France, explains, "Virtuagym is a comprehensive system that is widely used and promoted. We are enthusiastic about this integration and the possibilities it creates. Our shared clients will see that this is a powerful tool to monitor their members' progress and customize training programs"

Body composition analysis is a great way to keep members engaged. When you get into the habit of regularly measuring their health and fitness levels they can see their progress! Encourage all members to do an analysis and always book a follow-up appointment.

Guy Griffiths

Author of Stick Around and member retention evangelist

For more details on how to set up your InBody integration read this article.

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