Time Saving Membership Management Software

Bring all your membership management together in one place. Save time and reduce hassle by managing memberships, staff member payments, access control and product sales in a scalable cloud-based solution.

Time Saving Membership Management Software

Bring all your membership management together in one place. Save time and reduce hassle by managing memberships, staff member payments, access control and product sales in a scalable cloud-based solution.


Automated 20+ administrative tasks

Manage your staff from one platform

Earn more by upselling online

Save time by billing & invoicing automatically

Membership management software

Save Time with Automation


Optimize your day and spend less time on administration work and spend more time in your gym or studio. Send invoices and bills automatically to your clients, allow online registration and upsell through the webshop. With Virtuagym's Membership Management you can ultimately work less and earn more.


 Automatic billing & invoicing (Direct Debit)

 20+ software integrations

✔ Online member registration

✔ Multiple Payment Integrations

Trusted by 5,000+ Businesses All over the World




All-in-One Administration Platform


Forget using different software for each administration task. Virtuagym allows you to oversee your memberships, staff and financials all through one cloud-based solution. Additionally, your members will be able to purchase lessons, services and goods through the credit system, simplifying the way you work.


25+ Access control Integrations

 Retention, Financial & Acquisition Dashboards

 Efficient Credit System

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All The Membership Management Features

Discover all the membership management features that will allow you to save time and increase your revenue.

Flexible Membership Packages

Our flexible membership system includes off-peak or weekend memberships, to 24/7 access. You’ll be able to customize the options to fit your needs.
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Online Member Registration

Attract new members via your website and sell memberships directly online thanks to the integration with Virtuagym’s webshop.
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Integrated Credit System

The integrated pay-as-you-go credit system can be used to create 10-visit passes, give members limited access to classes, or upsell additional services.
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Retention Dashboard

Knowing your members' data is half the battle. Our retention dashboard enables you to track your membership database performance with clear overviews of acquisition, retention, member engagement and much more.
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Access Control Integration

Track members' attendance trends thanks to our access control integrations. Virtuagym supports integrations with turnstile systems, RFID, barcode and magnetic strip scanners, and fingerprint scanners.
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Powerful Process Automation

The power of Virtuagym lies in the integration with other modules. You set up the options at the start, and Virtuagym handles the entire management process from assigning credits to delivering the invoices.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Membership Management software right for your club?
    There are many ways to save time through the automation of processes in your gym. Scheduling, membership management, and invoicing can be much more efficient with gym management software. Instead of spending hours on the phone, tinkering with spreadsheets, or manually processing invoices and other requests, think about making the switch to membership software. After all, less time spent on manual tasks means more time spent on spreading your brand, strengthening the relationship with your clients, and growing your bottom line. More and more gyms, big and small, are already taking advantage of these management tools. What about you?
  • Can you get useful data and insights with Member Management software?
    If you want to grow your business you need access to the data that matters. Virtuagym's Member Management software has a business intelligence module that provides you with clear insights into the behavior of your members and provides real-time trends. These analytics can help you make clear business decisions on where to invest time and money at your fitness facility.
  • Can you incorporate invoicing with Member Management software?
    Yes. Member management software can be used for automation of invoicing processes as well. By having your membership management linked to an automated invoicing tool, membership renewal becomes trivial. Invoices will be automatically generated when they need to and can be automatically sent to the relevant members via email. Of course, make sure your clients have the freedom to pay those invoices in a variety of ways for a good client experience – think of direct debit, cash, credit card, online payments, and so on.
  • What are the benefits of Member Management software?
    Virtuagym’s Membership Management software automates processes, which can save you time. This means you don’t just add members and assign memberships to them, but also control all peripheral business related to memberships automatically as well, such as Credits and Renewal, Access Control and Reports. By automating processes, you can handle membership renewals, credit renewals (whether it’s on a monthly basis or pay-as-you-go), periodical discounts, pausing of contracts, and so on. The possibilities are endless, without costing you extra time. And fewer hours spent on performing menial tasks means more time that can be spent on growing your business and increasing your bottom line!
  • Why should you invest in Membership Management software?
    Stacks of paperwork and spreadsheets are well and truly a thing of the past. Your members don’t want to be filling in forms, they want instant access to your full-service offering, accessible via a mobile app. Virtuagym's Membership Management software can help you fall in line with the needs of your members, and handle the demands that come with being a customer-facing solution, on both mobile and desktop.
  • What is Membership Management software?
    In the daily operations of any fitness facility, there are always a bunch of processes that cost considerable time to perform. Our cloud-based Membership Management software is seamlessly integrated with our modules for scheduling, workouts, nutrition coaching, and our mobile apps. This means that your members can easily schedule classes and keep on top of their workouts, while you can effortlessly stay on top of all of your administration work.

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