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Membership Management Software

Spend less time putting out fires & make managing your business a breeze. With a robust, intuitive management system, you win time by running your fitness business with our tailored, easy-to-use & cloud-based solution—available 24/7, wherever you are.
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Flexible Membership Management

Our complete membership management platform has all the key features you need from digital contracts to online signup, options for pay-as-you-go, and selling add-ons.

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360° Business Insights

With comprehensive financial dashboards and reporting, running a business holds no more secrets for gym owners like you.

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Integrate, Automate & Sell

Complete your management software with a wealth of choices from 3rd party integrations, fully customizable Access Control with options for QR-codes, Barcode & RFID.

Staff Management Software

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Schedule Staff-Only Events

Avoid confusion and missed to-do's and show your clients they can count on you! Assign your team different tasks ranging from Personal, Coaching, Sales, or Organization, and keep your club management running smoothly.

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Track Worked Hours

Cut out the manual work of calculating worked hours for payroll, and let our gym management software do it for you — fitness professionals work better with the right tools in hand.

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Optimize Time & Reduce Stress

Set clear expectations, provide easy-to-use checklists, and never miss a client appointment again. Put teaching assignments, client intakes, and class schedules in user-friendly gym management software and track progress.

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At The Touch of A Button

No more hassle with paper contracts. Create, send, and sign digital contracts from any device.

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Safety First

Keep member information secure. Everything you need for contracts—writing, renewing, signing, and customer data—is safe in your custom business portal.

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Automated Reminders

Never miss the deadline for a contract renewal again. Always stay on top of your admin tasks with user-friendly management software.

Your All-in-One Fitness Software

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More than 9,000 businesses trust Virtuagym

More than 9,000 businesses across the world trust Virtuagym with their fitness software

All The Member Management Features

Discover all the membership management features that will allow you to save time and increase your revenue.
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Flexible Membership Packages

Our flexible membership system includes off-peak or weekend memberships, to 24/7 access. Customize the various fitness features for your gym clients and fitness business.

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Online Member Registration

Attract new members via your website and sell memberships directly online. Virtuagym’s webshop offers automatic payment processing and marketing features.

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Integrated Credit System

The integrated pay-as-you-go credit system can be used to create 10-visit passes, give members limited access to classes, or upsell additional services.

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Retention Dashboard

Knowing your members’ data is half the battle. Our retention dashboard enables you to track your membership database performance with clear overviews of acquisition, retention, member engagement and much more.

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Access Control Integration

Track members’ attendance trends thanks to our access control integrations. Virtuagym supports integrations with turnstile systems, RFID, barcode and magnetic strip scanners, and fingerprint scanners.

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Powerful Process Automation

The power of Virtuagym lies in the integration with other modules. You set up the options at the start, and Virtuagym handles the entire management process, from assigning credits to delivering the invoices.


Our club management software offers numerous benefits for gym owners and fitness studios, including simplified management of administrative tasks, flexible membership management options, efficient credit systems, and automatic billing and invoicing. Virtuagym’s gym membership software provides comprehensive financial dashboards and reporting, client segmentation, and customizable options for Access Control, point-of-sales systems, and 3rd party integrations. This way gym owners, personal trainers, and studio owners:

  • Save time
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve efficiency
  • Grow customer satisfaction

This management software helps gym owners save time on administrative tasks and focus on what’s important: their clients.