Martial arts school management software

Management · Scheduling · Mobile Apps · Community

Automate your administration, payments, and scheduling. Build a community and keep in touch with your students 24/7.

Martial arts school management software

Management · Scheduling · Mobile Apps · Community

Automate your administration, payments, and scheduling. Build a community and keep in touch with your students 24/7.

Martial arts schools grow with Virtuagym.

Manage your martial arts school

Automate contract management, payment processing, scheduling, and more, and focus on growing your business.

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Easy class management

Spend less time on scheduling and administration. Spend more time teaching your students instead.

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Motivate your students

Inspire your students with your own mobile community, and keep them motivated with challenges.

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It would be horrible if we manually needed to do all of the admin that Virtuagym takes care of.

Willempje Vrins, Boxing School Bijlmerbajes

Martial arts school management.

Virtuagym's martial arts school management software makes it easy to run your business. Save time and eliminate manual tasks by automating key processes online.

Virtuagym Business Analytics

Contract management

Manage all your student files & contract details in one environment. Automate sign-up and contract renewal to save time and prevent errors.

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Payment automation

Getting paid shouldn’t be a hassle. Virtuagym takes care of your payment processing through powerful automation. We support all major payment methods and integrate with leading payment providers.
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Online signup & point of sale

New students can sign up online through your own webshop. Do you sell gear or other merchandise? Our point of sale will help you out.
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Martial arts class scheduling

Virtuagym streamlines your scheduling with in-app booking and automation. Stop stressing on filling up classes and start teaching your students.

Flexible scheduling

Our schedule allows your students to book classes at their convenience. The days of endless phone calls are over!
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Maximize class attendance

Class reminders, waiting lists for popular classes and attendance tracking all team up to keep class attendance high.
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Class credit system

Credits are digital currency that you can use to sell single sessions, introductory offers, or multi-class passes. Sell your credits via your webshop or point of sale.
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Happy and motivated students

To change the habits and mindset of your students, they need constant inspiration and motivation. With Virtuagym, you can set up an online community that helps you do just that. Whenever. Wherever.


Your own martial arts app

Best-in-class mobile apps that can be completely branded and customized.
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Online martial arts community

Stimulate interaction between students and staff with discussion groups and personal profiles.
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Martial arts challenges

Keep your students active with our challenge system. They can either work towards common goals, or compete against each other.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can martial arts software help me build an online community?
    You want to connect with your students, and you want to stay available without too much hassle. With our martial arts software you can create your own online community, where can send messages and give updates whenever you need to.
  • How can martial arts software help my business?
    Martial arts management software makes sure you spend your time on the right things. Automate important but tedious daily tasks so you can follow your passion. Besides that, it gives you a better insight into the behaviors and needs of your students. You can spot patterns and trends which help you to make clear business decisions. And when your business grows, the additional students and administration won't bog you down! In short, martial arts school software gives you peace of mind.
  • Why do I need software for my martial arts school?
    With Virtuagym's martial arts software, you have all the tools you need to run your martial arts business effectively. You spend less time on your administration and scheduling, and more time on growing your business or offering the very best service to your students.
  • What is martial arts management software?
    Martial arts studio software is designed to help you grow and manage your martial arts business, so you have more time for your passion. Our powerful software helps you with your daily tasks like member management, payment processing and class scheduling. With our martial arts management software, you will be ready for the future.

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