Manage Your Fitness Business

Bring all your membership management together in one place. Save time and reduce hassle by managing memberships, staff member payments, access control and product sales in a scalable cloud-based solution.
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Save Time with Automation

Optimize the day-to-day running of your fitness and health business with this digital solution and never miss an appointment again with clear and easy scheduling for your clients and staff.
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Flexible Membership Packages

Our flexible membership system includes off-peak or weekend memberships, to 24/7 access. You’ll be able to customize the options to fit your needs.

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Online Client Registration

Attract new clients via your website and sell memberships directly online thanks to the integration with Virtuagym’s webshop.

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Integrated Credit System

The integrated pay-as-you-go credit system can be used to create 10-visit passes, give members limited access to classes, or upsell additional services.

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Scheduling Made Simple

Never teach a half-empty class again: improve efficiency with powerful scheduling software and allow clients to book trainers, classes, and services online at the touch of a button through your portal or app.
  • Efficient planning
  • Track attendance & revenue
  • Transparent pay-as-you-go system
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Manage And Assign Tasks

Simplify your business processes and structure your workflows efficiently in one place. With a few clicks you assign any type of task to your staff to keep your business running smoothly.
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Clear Schedules

Avoid confusion and missed to-do's and show your clients they can count on you! Assign Personal, Coaching, Sales, or Organization tasks to your team and keep an eye on the progress.

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Enhance Your Service

Handle questions, requests, and bookings smoothly and efficiently, offering your client the top-notch service they deserve. Happy clients are loyal clients, after all!

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Increase Retention For Clients And Staff

Reduce stress for your staff with clear expectations, easy-to-use checklists and never miss a client appointment again.

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Manage Memberships On-the-Go

Automate more than 20 different tasks in one central platform, from billing to registration. Optimize your day and spend less time on administration work and spend more time in your gym or studio
  • Manage everything from one platform
  • Save time with automations
  • Earn more by upselling online
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Less Hassle, More Payments

Reduce time spent on chasing payments and paperwork with our simple and secure billing software designed for businesses like yours. Offer your clients a secure and hassle-free way to pay and keep a grip on your financial situation.
  • Safe and Secure Payment Software
  • Clear Financial Reports
  • The Payment Method of Your Choice
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Stay In Control of Your Facility

This powerful and versatile solution brings you data-driven insights about attendance, peak hours and client behavior so you can optimize your fitness offering.
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A System That Fits

Magnetic strips, barcodes or RFID: Virtuagym supports your preferred access control solution that fits your business.

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Integrations & Partnerships

Virtuagym has partners around the world, but we're always open to new opportunities. Just introduce us to your hardware provider and we will contact them in order to integrate.

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Track Attendance

Clients simply to swipe their member card or key tag when entering and so provide you’ll always have clear insights in attendance, occupation rates and peak hours.

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Optimize In-house Sales

Set up your webshop on any device in your gym, so your members can purchase merchandise, memberships, and add-ons with the touch of a button. It saves you and your team precious time on client registration, ensuring every sale goes down without a hitch.
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Reduce Time Spent On Client Registration

Forget doing paperwork for every client - focus on building an amazing holistic fitness experience instead with the help of an integrated POS system and automated membership management.

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Perfected For In-house Sign Ups

Open the door for your clients to buy PT-sessions, group lessons and added wellness solutions from your offer on the go. The plug-and-play webshop is easy to set up and integrates with your POS drawer and printer.

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Keep Track of Stock

Are you looking to sell branded merchandise, sports drinks or supplements? With Virtuagym's integrated POS system you keep track of your current stock in one easy-to-read overview so you'll never run out of stock on popular items!

Your Ultimate All-in-One Platform

One place to coach, manage and engage your clients and grow your business: perfectly tailored to your business needs. Get your fitness business running A to Z with All-in-One software for Virtuagym.
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Retention Dashboard

Track retention, prevent churn and increase your revenue with the power of data at your fingertips. The clear and to-the-point dashboard helps you understand client behavior like never before.

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Access Control Integration

Streamline your facility check-in process with a hardware solution of your choice and track and monitor client visits in one comprehensive overview.

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Powerful Process Automation

Start saving time today by letting Virtuagym do the heavy lifting for you: automate tedious admin tasks, reduce time-consuming phone calls and focus on growing your business.

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