Is Barre Harder Than Yoga?

Oct 15, 2020 - 4 min read
Chose between yoga and barre trainings

If you are getting into exercise for the first time, returning again after a break, or just thinking about trying something new, it’s common to do a little research into the type of fitness class that might be best for you.

In the past we’ve talked about the differences between Yoga and Pilates as well as why barre is now trending in fitness studios, but a common question that kept coming up is the difficulty level for both barre and yoga.

With roots stemming from both ballet as well as Pilates, barre fitness classes focus on balance and flexibility by way of traditional dance movements… but is it harder than yoga?

When talking about the overall difficulty of anything, obviously you will need to take into account your starting point along with other factors that are personal for you.

However in this article we will take a look from a general perspective into these two styles of fitness to decide if barre is harder than yoga. Let’s find out!

Barre vs. Yoga: Differences and Similarities

Do you know why everyone crazy for barre? Read this article to better understand this new fitness workout.

Both yoga and barre classes can be fun and challenging in their own distinct ways. Barre is an intense workout that combines dance movements with techniques from both yoga and Pilates.

Most barre classes place extra emphasis on lower body work to strengthen and tone the legs and butt , though they often include core and arm exercises as well. Committing to barre workouts will help build muscle, strengthen the core, improve posture and assist in giving your body that lean and toned look so many of us are after.

Barre classes, unlike yoga, are a more fast paced type of workout that incorporates aerobics moves to burn calories and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

So even though many barre movements might look like Pilates and/or yoga moves, in practice they are more cardio-focused than either of those two types of fitness classes. Put to music, barre is about getting your heart rate up, burning some calories and having fun.

Will Barre get you in shape?

Though there are many different and varied styles of yoga, some more difficult than others, on the whole yoga tends to be a more gentle practice than barre fitness workouts.

Yoga aims to build strength and increase flexibility while also encouraging self-reflection. Many styles of yoga focus on breath work and mindfulness while also supporting body awareness, proper alignment and stress relief.

Either one of these two types of fitness are great for beginners. Yoga is great if you are just learning to connect with your body through movement and can pave the way for more rigorous types of workouts while lessening the risk of injury. But barre can be excellent for beginners as well!

As far as cardio workouts go, barre is a low-impact option that can help you improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and more.

So, which style of exercise is more difficult?

Generally speaking, barre is most likely going to be the class that gets you sweating, spikes your heart rate, and helps you burn more calories during the workout. However, that is definitely not to say that yoga can’t be demanding as well!

Just because yoga has a more meditative feel to it, doesn’t you still won’t be challenged throughout the class. Either class will help you get stronger, more flexible, promote core strength and balance.

Which class you find more difficult is going to depend on your current fitness level as well as what you enjoy. Fast-paced cardio moves might feel more difficult for some, while others might find that holding traditional yoga poses is even more taxing for their bodies.

At the end of the day, both of these classes are excellent ways to get into fitness and challenge yourself in new and different ways. One can even help you excel in the other as the balance and flexibility that you acquire through your yoga practice can help you with your strength at the barre.

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