How Can I Do Resistance Training at Home?

Nov 13, 2020 - 5 min read
How to do a fitness band workout at home

Training at home is now a trend, but it is difficult to know what exercises will help you get the same results that in a gym or any type of sport. That is why we bring you some tips and examples of resistance training that you can use at home.

So that you can understand, resistance training, is also called strength training and it focuses on making your body stronger and on building muscle endurance .

You can use many tools like free weights (dumbbells) or resistance bands, or even your own body weight, to get the results you search for.

We are going to focus on resistance bands.

After reading this post you will know how effective it is to use resistance bands in your workouts, how to work with resistance bands, and some good exercises you can use to keep in shape while training at home.

The effectiveness of resistance band workouts

Are resistance bands good for workouts? Definitely.

Actually, the use of resistance bands in workouts is very effective, not only because you can use them everywhere you go, but also, using them will help with muscle-building tension. They are usually used for physical rehabilitation.

If you have just started working out and want to be fitness you should use these bands, they will help you gain a full body workout depending on how you use them. But even if you are not new to this, you might find them very useful. We all need a good full-body workout.

As they have endless possibilities, you can choose which way to exercise and what type of band to use.

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What are the basic strength training exercises?

It is quite easy to incorporate resistance bands into any type of training. If you are still questioning if resistance brands are effective, here you have some examples of exercises you can do with them.

  • Workout triceps with resistance bands

Here are four perfect exercises to do at home!

You might find helpful doing triceps press ups with the band, placing the band around your back and holding the ends with each hand.

Another well-known exercise is the band pushdown, just place the band around a hook or something that can make resistance above your head, grab the band with both hands and keep your elbows stuck to your side while you drive your hands down to your waist. Triceps over head extensions require the same placement of the band, but now with your elbows high and try not to move your shoulders.

The twisted rowing, this simulates the rowing machines that you find at gyms. Just make sure you sit straight and with your legs extended in front, hold the band at both ends and place it around the soles of your feet. Then, just squeeze your shoulder blades back towards each other and recover. It’s a piece of cake!

  • Workout abs with resistance bands

Easy exercises you can do with just resistance bands to really work on your core are, normal bicycle crunches or high planks, but placing the band between you feet.

Other effective exercises are the T shoulder raise and T rotation lunge. In both you just place the band between your hands, in the first exercise, lift arms to the height of your shoulders and extent your arms to create a “T” shape. In the second exercise, do the same extension but this time stepping your right foot back into a lunge and rotate your torso while extending your hands. Don’t forget to repeat on the other side!

  • Workout back with resistance bands

Exercising your back muscles is important and finding a training you can do at home is not that easy. Here are some exercises you can do with resistance bands.

Face pull, secure the band in some surface, hold the band on a square shape up to your waist height and pull towards your face. Lift your elbows and keep your back straight!

Deadlift, loop each band around your feet and stand on it spreading your legs. Than, just squat down, take the middle of the band and pull upwards keeping your back slightly arched (don’t bend it completely!) and your bum sticking out. And repeat! In the single arm row, you have the same placement of your band, but in this case, lean forward resting one hand on your knee and take the center of the bad with your other hand. Pull, but keeping your back straight until you reach your solar plexus, and repeat.

  • Workout chest with resistance bands

For chest workouts with resistance bands we are going to focus on bench press with bands. Lie on your back on the floor with your band passing under your chest, bellow your armpits. Hold the ends with both hands, position your arms in line with the top of your back (elbows touching the floor) and extend your arms up and in until your hands meet. That would be one, now repeat!

Another one is the banded chest fly, here you have to anchor your band to a door, take both unanchored ends and step forward until the bands are stretched and your arms are slightly behind. Place one foot behind and your front leg slightly bent. Now just just bring your arms forward until they touch in front of your chest.

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