Easy check-in for gyms and studios
Booking fitness classes has never been easier with class scheduling software

Easy 24/7 Gym Access Control System

Everything gym owners, studios and fitness centers need to check their members in effortlessly is integrated in our access control system! Streamlining the process and making it easier for both staff and customers alike.
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Efficient Staff Allocation

Our gym access control system for the fitness industry enables you to allocate your staff's time to training clients rather than checking them in.

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A Fully Automated Process

Our gym access control system simplifies your life by automating the entire process, from efficient online booking to automated access.

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Avoid Unauthorized Entry

Our security system enables the capture of detailed attendance records, occupancy rates, and peak hour analytics integrated with custom access cards, QR codes or key tags.

Discover Our Supported Hardware

Together with our partners, we support a comprehensive range of check-in solutions that are compatible with our access control system, including RFID and barcode scanners, turnstiles, and door-entry-based access.

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All the Check-in Software Features

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Magnetic Strips

Virtuagym allows your clients to use cards with magnetic strips to check in via the system.

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Barcode Scanners

Virtuagym's software works with barcode scanners. Making sure that your current system still can be used with your existing cards.

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RFID Scanners

RFID uses radio waves to identify people that enter your club. RFID is easy, quick and efficient.

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Easy Installation

We provide clear guidelines and the right tools, so you can install the hardware of your choice yourself. Or, you could let your electrician do the job for you.

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Cash Drawer

Virtuagym supports connections with cash register drawers through our Point of Sale module.

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Integrations and Partnerships

Virtuagym has several partners in your country. We're always open to new opportunities. Just introduce us to your hardware provider and we will contact them in order to integrate.


It is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the check-in process for gym owners, studios, and fitness centers, making it more efficient for both staff and customers.

This integrated security system helps create a secure environment for gym members by preventing unauthorized entry and enhancing physical security.