Make more money with online coaching

Sounds impossible? It's not! That’s why we’ve created Stronger Together, the world’s first turnkey online coaching and engagement solution. Gym, club or studio members use it to stay fit and connected via your personalized app - to combine in-facility training with a complete digital workout service, managed by Virtuagym.

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Double subscription fees

Combine offline and online services to offer your members multiple subscriptions simultaneously.

Make more money

Free is not a business model - it’s time to make money from digital workouts.

Engage members

Reduce churn by cultivating connections between other members and your club.

Save time for what matters

Swap time spent online for working on your business - we do all the heavy lifting.

Drive your revenue

Our extensive online coaching solution allows you to offer an additional high-value membership option. By charging members for this home workout service and combining it with in-facility training, our customers see an exponential increase in revenue. Utilize technology to make more money by doing less.

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What’s included in the digital membership?

Your clients will pay for access to the following features:

  • 5000+ exercises with a virtual trainer
  • 600 live streaming workout videos + workout plans
  • Meditations + audio coaching
  • Online community
  • Fitness challenges + real-life prizes
  • Food, calorie + nutrition tracking ( nutrition plans coming soon)

We’re seeing higher retention rates than we’ve ever had, we’re seeing higher visitor numbers than we’ve ever had and we genuinely feel that’s because we are creating more touch points with members.

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