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Keep your revenue going with a digital membership

Discover a revolutionary, turnkey digital membership and engagement solution for gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios. Stay connected to your members via a personalized app, and combine in-facility training with digital on-demand workout videos and more – all managed by Virtuagym.

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Added value

Combine offline and online services to offer your members more, and strengthen their subscription value.

Boost revenue

Free is not a business model – adapt to the digital shift and start making money from your online offerings.

Engage members

Reduce churn by fostering connections and engagement with your members, and keep them motivated from afar.

Save time

Avoid spending time doing tedious tasks and do more of what you love – while we do all the heavy lifting!

Solutions for current times


For a COVID-19-free training experience

A hybrid fitness model is crucial for increasing retention and can be realized regardless of whether you offer in-person or virtual training. Offer your members pre-made workout plans and videos, and enable food, calorie, and nutrition tracking (coming soon) on the side. Our software also lets you provide a full fitness experience with a host of meditations and mindfulness exercises. Combine all these with our fitness management software for a corona-proof business!

To cope with gym closures

Don't lose your clients during mandatory gym closures; give them a virtual personal trainer in their own homes instead! Pick from hundreds of training plans that use just bodyweight or basic training equipment. Livestream the classes that you can't conduct in-person and track your members' nutrition during their time away from the gym to manage stress-induced eating habits.
Lastly, cover all health bases by giving them access to a library of meditations.

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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

Exercise at home with 200+ pre-made virtual workouts

Your clients will pay for access to the following features:

  • Stream videos via a web portal or app with a virtual trainer.
  • Use basic equipment like bodyweight training or dumbbells.
  • Easily track reps and weights via a user-friendly interface.
  • Peloton, Mirror, and Tonal rely on working out from home.
  • Fitness apps typically retail at $9.99/month, so this is great value!

Varied exercises with 1,000+ workout videos

  • People have a desire for variation in their workouts.
  • Offer your members over 1,000 on-demand workout videos.
  • Do Yoga, HIIT, dance, core, cycling, and more online.
  • Support for TV casting (Chromecast and Apple TV).

Engaging content and health challenges

  • Engage members with fresh content and health challenges.
  • Weekly updates on health, wellness, and nutrition topics.
  • Access to recipes, tips, workout of the week, and more.
  • Bi-weekly virtual fitness challenges with real prizes.
  • Retain members and attract new ones through your happy customers!

Offer holistic wellness and meditation

  • Address the number one productivity killer: stress.
  • Expand your services; include mindfulness and meditation.
  • Offer holistic wellbeing, like most successful health apps.
  • Healthy members are satisfied members who will stay for more.

A complete wellness experience

Unlike traditional fitness software, our extensive digital gym membership adds a layer of value to subscriptions by offering high-quality, at-home workouts, and wellness options. Fitness businesses can introduce new revenue streams while utilizing technology to do more things in less time.

We’ve been able to work with Virtuagym to accelerate the rollout of access to at-home workouts. We don’t just want one solution; we want as many as you’d have if you walked into one of our live classes.

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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

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