Create an amazing client experience with Virtuagym FitZone™

Gamify your group class and encourage social connection between your clients!
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Increase customer engagement through real-time progress visuals during your group classes to encourage fun and social interaction between your clients.

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Stand out from your competition by creating a high-tech brand experience with personalised heart rate measurements fully integrated with your own app.

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Increase revenue

Tap into additional revenue streams with wearables sales as well as increasing customer value and longevity by providing a unique experience.

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Perfect synchronization of your heart rate data

Use FitZone™ with heart rate monitors from Garmin, Polar, Myzone and NEO Health. It is fully integrated with the Virtuagym app for perfect data synchronization. This makes it easy for you as a trainer to coach your clients on their training progress. We also offer you the chance to tap into an additional revenue stream by selling the NEO Health BEAT heart rate monitors, which can be purchased from us at discounted prices.
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Heart rate zone in colour

During exercise, the BEAT lights up in the color of the heart rate zone the user is currently in.

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App integration

Integrated with the Virtuagym app for optimal insights and tracking of training performance.

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Simple connectivity

Connect to FitZone™ in the Virtuagym app via Bluetooth 5.0 or Ant+ connection so your clients can leave their phones at home.

FitZone Heartrate Zones

Train the different heart rate zones with FitZone™

Add FitZone™ to your group classes and enrich your client experience with endless training options. For example, manage fat burning by encouraging your members to stay in the green heart rate zone, train your clients’ endurance in the yellow zone during a spinning class or encourage them to peak in the orange or red zone during a tabata workout. These are just a few ways in which FitZone™ can encourage motivation, boost client retention and can help members achieve their training goals.

Book a free FitZone™ demo

Try FitZone™ now for one month exclusively in your own club and you will get two NEO Health BEAT heartbeat wearables for free- this way you can test the system to the fullest. Ask our sales team about the terms and conditions.

Use FitZone™ now with the heart rate monitors below

Fully integrated with the Virtuagym app for perfect data synchronization

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