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Provide a high-end digital member experience with Virtuagym’s mobile apps and cloud solution. Manage your whole business in one central place and get ultimate control of your service quality.

Deliver an engaging boutique experience with Virtuagym.

Top-rated mobile apps

A unique set of 3 mobile apps that supports both your members and your coaches.

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Studio management

Powerful process automation that reduces manual work and prevents errors.

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World-class coaching

Exercise and nutrition guidance, progress tracking, and other tools.

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Inspire your members

Strengthen your brand with your own online member community.

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We wanted a piece of software where we could have our own branded app, that wasn’t the same as everybody else’s.

Jessica Teller, Sweat Equity

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Best-of-class apps for a high-end member experience.

Leverage the power of our mobile fitness apps that help your trainers manage client guidance wherever they are. Our boutique fitness studio software takes your member experience to the next level by delivering top-class content in a white-label mobile environment.

Coach app

Coach your members with a dedicated professional app. Your trainers can assign workout and nutrition plans and keep a real-time eye on member progress.

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Fitness app

The very best mobile fitness app for boutique studios. Your clients get access to all exercise content, challenges, scheduling, and your studio's social community.

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Food app

Real progress is gained in the kitchen. Offer clients personal guidance on their nutrition, or simply use the app to make clients more aware of their habits.

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Intuitive studio management software.

Automate the backbone of your business with Virtuagym’s scalable fitness management software. Signup, memberships, scheduling, invoicing, and more all work together to reduce manual work, remove tedium from your day-to-day admin, and improve efficiency across the board.

Contract management

Customizable contract management and membership automation: Virtuagym can be fully tailored to fit your business model.

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Payment processing

Automate your payment processing for maximum ease of use. We support all major payment methods and integrate with leading payment providers.

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Webshop & point of sale

Sell memberships or single classes through your own webshop (embeddable on your website) and point of sale module.

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Premium coaching services.

Personalized training plans, nutrition guidance, progress tracking: provide the very best coaching services to your members via your mobile apps. Create your own workout templates with thousands of 3D-animated exercises, provide meal plans, and more. Keep your classes filled, and your members motivated.

Flexible scheduling

Complete control over your class offering. Custom activities, automated sign-up rules, waiting list tools and more help you to keep attendance high.
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The #1 exercise database

Reusable templates or tailored training plans combined with progress tracking for both self-management and personal training models.

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Kitchen assistance

Help your members eat well with personalized nutrition plans, meal diaries, and a comprehensive database.

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Happy and healthy members.

Engagement and inspiration are essential for retention. Virtuagym’s community tools allow you to increase the number of touchpoints with your members, while keeping all messaging on-brand. That’s how you build a loyal and committed member base.

Branded studio app

Non-stop engagement with customizable, award-winning mobile apps in your own branding.
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Online boutique community

Members and staff can interact via special interest groups, personal profiles, and personal messaging.

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Challenges & rewards

Motivate your members with challenges. Let them work towards common fitness goals, or let them have at it with some friendly competition.
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