Fitness Management Software for Gyms, Personal Trainers and Studios

Virtuagym manages all aspects of your fitness business, bringing all processes together in one intuitive platform.

Manage Your Fitness Business in the Cloud

Managing your business becomes a breeze with our easy-to-use fitness management software. Save time and reduce hassle by using our cloud-based solution to help you to optimize your workflow and provide your clients with an unrivalled fitness experience.

The Key Benefits of Our Fitness Software

From improving member engagement, increasing revenue streams and improving efficiency, Virtuagym's software can help build your platform and drive your business.

Better Service

Provide an unparalleled service level with mobile communication and engagement software.

Increase Revenue

Integrated upsell opportunities, webshop
and point of sale functionalities make it
easy to set up new sustained revenue

Save Time

Automate key processes and focus
your time on what matters: engaging with
members and growing your business.

  • Virtuagym enables us to better connect and engage with our community and is a complete approach to managing relationships

    Sherry Perez

    YMCA Greater Toronto Area

  • Virtuagym proved to be the most efficient partner to cover all the needs we had

    Laurent Bischof


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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

Management Software That Works

Bring your administration together in one place in a scalable, online solution. From scheduling to membership management, we'll help you speed up your work.


A flexible membership management module that can be tailored to your business model.

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An integrated invoicing module that supports all major payment methods and connects to leading payment providers.
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Webshop & Point
of Sale

Sell merchandise to your existing members, or use our webshop to implement an automated online sign-up flow.
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Business Analytics

Put your data to work to optimize your organization, grow your revenue, and stay ahead of the competition.
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Take your business into the cloud: from access control to exercise equipment, it connects with Virtuagym.
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Session Credit

Create 10-session passes, limit member access to classes, or upsell services such as tanning beds. You decide.
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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is our fitness management software?
    Our cloud-based fitness management solution is seamlessly integrated with our modules for scheduling, workouts, nutrition coaching and our mobile apps. You choose what you need, and we'll provide you with the tools to streamline your fitness business.
  • Why should you invest in fitness management software?
    There are many ways to save time through the automation of processes at your club. Scheduling, membership management, and invoicing can be much more efficient with fitness management software. After all, the less time spent on manual tasks means more time spent on spreading your brand, strengthening the relationship with your clients, and growing your bottom line.
  • Can I get useful data and insights about my members with gym software?  
    In the digital age, growth means getting access to data that matters. Our Business Analytics module and other reporting tools will help you to better understand how to build lasting relationships with members and improve your service offering. Use data a daily basis to help you make the best choices for your business.
  • How does our fitness management software help you stay ahead of your competitors?
    A digital solution gives you an edge over your competitors. Whilst they may also deploy a software platform to sustain their club environment, you have the ability to shape your solution around what makes your club unique: your members.

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