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Our enterprise fitness software facilitates all aspects of your organization. Future-proof your business model, open up new revenue streams, and simplify your tasks with data-driven insights. Above all, create more touchpoints to engage with members in a personal and more scalable way. Preserve your community while growing your business.

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Digitize your business

Digitize your operations to embrace the future of fitness and provide members with a full suite of virtual offerings.

More member touchpoints

Preserve your community by creating challenges and training/nutritional plans within your own customized app.

New revenue streams

Use your customized app to create new revenue streams, and test out new ideas using built-in and freemium models.

How we drive your digital revenue opportunities

Fine-tune every aspect of your business via your custom mobile app and introduce new revenue streams to navigate the digital era of fitness. Provide customized experiences within the app that’s equipped with a freemium model to keep your members engaged and wanting more.

Make use of in-app paywalls to charge for premium content, with the option to bolt-on additional features, content, or services. You can also offer an array of content to your members, ranging from streaming pre-recorded fitness classes, digital training, nutrition tracking, fitness challenges, mindfulness, and more.

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Features dedicated to increasing your member touchpoints

The Central Management System allows you to control content for specific locations using just one environment. Maintain quality across the board while providing personalized member experiences for each community. Gain insight into the performance and statistics of all individual clubs to understand what is important to your members, and use that information to engage with them via content through the app.

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Shift to a hybrid business model

The hybrid model is the future of the fitness industry. It is essential for driving revenue, retaining members, and bringing in new clients. Our software enables you to adapt to the industry’s digital transformation from the ground up, with support for implementation throughout the process.

This all-in-one fitness management software encompasses membership management, virtual coaching and workouts, booking, scheduling, and more, combined with in-app paywalls to drive revenue. All this takes place within a full brandable mobile app complete with your own brand elements, so your members get a seamless experience.

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How YMCA scaled up with our fitness software

Discover how Virtuagym’s fitness app helped the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA. This 18-location gym chain needed software that would intertwine their desire to scale up with their mission to strengthen community bonds. See where we stepped in.

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A truly open platform

We are a truly open platform in which you can make various types of software work together. Our API-first development approach means that you can benefit from many existing third-party integrations, including leading brands such as Life Fitness and Matrix (fitness equipment), Accuro and Spivi (heart rate-based group training), and loads more.

Our custom home screen technology allows you to easily embed third-party applications or build your own to facilitate a seamless member experience. Plus, because we’re constantly innovating, your product is never static and will be updated based on your subscription.

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