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How to Focus on Member Retention and Smart Lead Acquisition in 2022

01 June 2022

This guide will describe the importance of maintaining your current client base and how you can acquire new leads to grow your fitness business.

Build or Buy - A Guide to the Best Mobile App for Your Business

19 March 2022

When it comes down to finding the perfect digital companion to accompany your members on their fitness journey, you may be faced with an important question: Do you buy an app or build your own?

Impact of the Pandemic on the Fitness Industry +1 year

16 July 2021

This guide will emphasise on the impact of COVID-19 on the Fitness Industry. Find out what other fitness business owners did to keep afloat over the past year and a half.

Virtuagym Corona Impact Study - Lessons From the Pandemic

13 October 2020

This e-book outlines some lessons that fitness businesses have learned from the recent pandemic and shows you how to grow your business in a few steps.

Surviving 2020 - How to Build a Highly Adaptable and Highly Resilient Fitness Business

01 May 2020

Learn strategies to adapt your business after the coronavirus outbreak, including how to transform the digital change into a great opportunity to grow your business.

Business Strategies - How to deal with the Corona outbreak

07 April 2020

Learn strategies to adapt your business during COVID-19, including how to best serve your customers using digital training solutions and much more.

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