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Our dance studio software handles all aspects of your business with ease. Manage your administration more efficiently, and spend more time with your students.

The right balance between business and dance.


Manage your dance studio

Contact, contract and payment processing in one place.

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Flexible class scheduling

Let your students book their own classes with your own app.

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A platform for your passion

Nurture your own dance community with our online social tools.

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Virtuagym just saves me so much time and energy!

- Antoni Wanders, Poledance Studio Breda

Intuitive dance studio management software

Managing your business becomes a breeze with our easy-to-use management system. Reduce hassle and manual tasks by automating huge chunks of your administration. We want you to spend more time teaching your students, not stare at a computer screen for hours every day!

Virtuagym Business Analytics

Digital contract management

Contact, contract and payment processing, all stored safely and centrally in the cloud.
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Hassle-free payment processing

Our automated payment processing saves hours on your accounting. Virtuagym supports all major payment methods and integrates with leading payment providers.
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Webshop & point of sale

Students can sign up online via your own webshop. Sell dance gear and other merchandise with the point of sale module.
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Effortless dance class scheduling

Virtuagym cuts down the time you spend on scheduling. Stop spending hours on the phone to process bookings and cancellations. Let your students book classes in your own mobile app instead.

Graceful scheduling tools

Completely customizable schedules. Full control over your class offering, activities, sign-up rules, and more.
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Be on top of class attendance

Make automated reminders, waiting lists, and attendance tracking work for you to keep all your reformers occupied.
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Classes that pay off

Use the webshop to sell single sessions, multi-class passes or renewable memberships, powered by our class credit system.
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Never miss a beat with your communication.

From the moment your students start, you can wow them with Virtuagym. Round-the-clock communication, an inspiring social community, and more is powered by award-winning apps.

Your own dance app

Use our best-in-class mobile apps to offer the best digital services to your students.
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Online dance community

Provide an engaging social experience with discussion groups, personal profiles, and other tools.
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Dance challenges

Motivate your students to dance through life. Virtuagym's challenge system keeps students engaged outside of your studio.
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Preguntas frecuentes

  • How will my dance studio benefit from a community?
    Communication is key to retention. Sending the right messages at the right time is essential for marketing success. With your own dance community, you have your own social environment to stay in touch with your students. Thanks to your own app, your message is always in your students' pockets.
  • Why would I need dance studio payment software?
    The more succesful your dance studio becomes, the more invoices you have to send. Without a payment tool, you can quickly lose track. Besides, it's so much quicker to automate your billing process. Nobody benefits from manual admin!
  • How can dance studio registration software help my business?
    Virtuagym makes student registration more efficient. With lead management tools you can keep track of prospective students. When they're ready to sign up, they can do so online via your own webshop. An online payment link handles the financial details immediately!
  • What is dance studio management software?
    Dance studio management software is a set of powerful tools that are designed to make your life easier. We're going out on a limb here and assume paperwork isn't why you started a business. That's why we'll do that for you by automating daily tasks, or making them quicker. Student management, payment processing, class scheduling, you name it.

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