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Client Profile: Trainmore


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No Train, No Gain

TrainMore is the unique gym concept founded by Han Doorenbosch (also the founder of Club Sportive) and Marjolein Meijer, who wanted customers to be the focal point of their business model. The starting point was a vision in which the more a member exercises, the lower the cost of their membership. The first TrainMore club was founded in 2010, but their hugely popular business ethos has now allowed them to extend to 10 locations throughout the Netherlands. TrainMore deliver an engaging, unique fitness experience to their members via their custom Virtuagym app. Class booking and an online community platform assist with boosting retention and developing a well-rounded team spirit inside each facility.

The fact that you can recover the costs by offering app functionalities as an upsell to our members is a great benefit.
We chose Virtuagym because we were impressed by their continuous innovation.

Han Doorenbosch

Founder of Trainmore

Features Used


Nutrition Guidance

Helping their members reach their goals through educating them on nutrition.

Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.

Progress Tracking

Visualizing progress to keep members motivated and committed.

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Features Used


Mobile App

Member-facing app with exercise guidance, online community, and access control integration.

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Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.

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A scheduling system with in-app booking and waiting list feature

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Reaping the Benefits

After introducing Virtuagym into the Nestlé fitness facility, the huge benefits of doing so quickly became obvious to Bischoff as well as the gym-goers themselves.

“The main benefit is definitely the follow-up that we can now have with members, we can get so much more than just their basic information. We can record important medical information, and tailor workout plans and training plans to accommodate any ailments they have.” explains Bischoff.

He outlines the plans that they have for building more comprehensive custom training plans, in a bid to meet the need of each individual member. This is made possible thanks to the enormous database of over 4,000 animated exercises contained within Virtuagym’s exercise module.

But it’s not just the in-depth member profiles that have transformed the gym, the administration-focused modules have unlocked a new level of efficiency and accessibility for the staff working behind the scenes.

“Previously, we had a pretty unreliable scheduling system, and now it’s state of the art. We’re huge fans of the waiting list system too, which means that our most popular classes are always full up. Giving people the ability to take up an empty spot is a small detail that makes a huge difference.”

The online community the Nestlé campus gym hosts via their mobile app has created an active family of gym members who share their progress, post updates and discuss the latest hot topics. Bischoff tells us that it’s become so popular, that trainers don’t even get the chance to reply to a member question before another member answers it.

“I was so surprised, because people would ask something via the mobile app and before the coach could even answer, other gym-goers were replying! As the community is full of fitness fanatics who are happy to help each other, the role of our staff changed from that of activator to that of moderator.”

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