The Motion Room: Better member commitment with the help of business analytics

To deliver their unique coaching model and promote member commitment and motivation, The motion Room uses the Virtuagym app.
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The Story of The Motion Room

The Motion Room is a Toronto-based gym that specializes in tailored programs to suit its members’ goals and lifestyles. Combining several core programs that include popular elements of a traditional boot camp workout with the benefits of a premium personal co-training program, The Motion Room offers unique workout programs. Their 6 key training systems revolve around HIIT, circuit, core, functional, fat burning and recovery, and are designed to get members where they want to be in their fitness journeys effectively, affordably, and conveniently. And they did this all effortlessly using Virtuagym’s software for gyms.

Features used

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Online Community

Flexible client communication & member retention tool.

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Branded Mobile App

A branded fitness app, customized for The Motion Room's business.

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Training Plans

Customizable workout plan templates for all types of goals.

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Virtuagym helped us implement new technology effectively to add value to our members.

Joseph Martino - Master Trainer, The Motion Room

Enhancing digital services with the Virtuagym app

To deliver their unique coaching model and promote member commitment and motivation, The motion Room uses the Virtuagym app.

Joseph Martino, Master Trainer at The Motion Room, said:

“We wanted to implement new technology to make it easier for our members to schedule appointments and maintain a presence outside of our gym by improving our online training efforts. The animated workout videos are a nice touch for our members.”

By using the app, Motion Room members can earn badges for reaching their goals, completing challenges, or just for being active.

“We can see that activity is increasing by looking at member data. We’ll continue enhancing our communication with members through the app and use it as a platform to drive them to our health and fitness content."

Better insights with Business Analytics

The Motion Room was one of the first clubs to use Virtuagym’s Premium Business Analytics module, which provides users with actionable insights on every level of their business.

Through the use of business analytics, The Motion Room could gain insights into member behavior and activity at its gym through graphs, tables, and dashboards.

“The platform has helped us immensely to keep an eye on member activity and personal training classes at our gym," Marino says.

“All this data is valuable in identifying opportunities for growth and understanding where our members like to spend most of their time at our club. We hope to maximize it to continue building our membership over the course of the year.”

Future prospects for The Motion Room

The Motion Room has ambitious goals, setting its sights on increasing its number of active members and looking into streaming some of its workout classes online.

Martino said: “We want to carry on last year’s momentum into the new year by investing more in our challenges and competitions as a way to motivate and interact with our members. We’re also looking into streaming workouts, especially for those members who can’t always make it down to our gym. It would be a great way for us to add more value to our members.” 

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