How Sweat Equity Uses Virtuagym to Drive Member Engagement

Sweat Equity needed help improving engagement and a sense of team spirit amongst their treadmill-pounding members.
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The Story of Sweat Equity

There’s much more to Florida than Mickey Mouse and palm trees. In fact, if you venture away from the theme parks and peel your eyes away from the beautiful golden beaches, you’ll find it’s home to a unique fitness studio.

Innovative Fitness Needs Cutting-Edge Software

But it’s not just any fitness studio, but an exercise collective who are passionate about living responsibly and burning serious calories. Using cardio equipment powered by exercising, and striving for a carbon-neutral facility, this is one business with a serious approach to the environment. They are Sweat Equity, and they needed help improving engagement and a sense of team spirit amongst their treadmill-pounding members. “We are a unique and innovative programme, we use a variety of comprehensive methods to ensure long-term results," says Jessica Teller, Co-Founder of Sweat Equity. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a gym definitely isn’t the environment, but for co-founder Jessica Teller, this was all part of what makes Sweat Equity so special. However, with a business plan in place there was still a need for a digital companion to deliver that little bit extra to members.

Features used

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Mobile App

A branded fitness app, customized for Sweat Equity's business needs

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Scheduling & Booking

Automated booking system that allows Sweat Equity's members to book any type of class or session via their mobile app.

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Management & Billing

Membership management & billing modules enhanced through automation.

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Now with Virtuagym's All-In-One app members can engage with your studio the 23 hours that they’re not here.

Jessica Teller - Co-founder, Sweat Equity

One Solution for Every Problem

From the start Virtuagym offered exactly what Sweat Equity needed, and all in one accessible package. But the team wanted software to track member progress and assist with management tasks, as well as something to add extra zest to the daily lives of each gym goer. “We wanted not only a client management system, a tool for billing and a scheduling interface for members but also a way to create a community. Members can now book sessions, chat with each other and interact with coaches. All of that, in just one app.” For Sweat Equity, partnering with Virtuagym not only gave them new channels through which to refine the training and exercise experience of their members, but also to embrace the company lifestyle into their routine outside of the four walls of the gym. The online community, and its always-accessible nature, is a perfect way to promote challenges, share updates and generate discussion amongst members. Through the power of the cloud, Virtuagym’s online platform provides the perfect member engagement tool. Proven to help boost retention and increase revenue, Virtuagym has been created in coalition with fitness experts and industry professionals. The end result is a business tool that is optimized to push powerful resources into the hands of staff, whilst delivering an incredible fitness experience to each and every member.

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