PRIME TIME Fitness Aims For The Future

PRIME TIME fitness offers premium training in the best locations, with goal-oriented equipment and a feel-good factor.
Prime Time Fitness interior Frankfurt location
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Prime Time Fitness - Aiming for the future

PRIME TIME fitness offers premium training in the best locations, with goal-oriented equipment and a feel-good factor. Its’ eleven studios can be found above the roofs of the sophisticated banking district in Frankfurt, in Hamburg’s HafenCity, or on the magnificent Maximilianstr in Munich - Fully committed to looking after their members, Henrik Gockel and his team of around 160 employees’ priority is to provide members with the best possible support. Even starting at the lowest-priced membership tier, PRIME TIME fitness offers five personal training sessions at the very start of your membership and everything can be extended in a customized manner via inexpensive PT packages. PRIME TIME fitness targets people who work a lot but have little time and thus need to manage their time wisely. Honing in their focus on efficient and effective training, Prime TIME fitness offers precisely what these performers need. All PRIME TIME fitness trainers  are required to have a state-approved trainer license and training specific to the PRIME TIME fitness training ethos and methodology. This ensures that the mission of PRIME TIME fitness can be implemented in the best and most effective possible way.

Features Used

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Training plans that can be used by customers at any time in the app.

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Different groups for different purposes to serve customers in the best possible way.

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Scheduling system with in-app booking and waiting list function.

The Current Situation

Having been in the fitness industry for over 30 years, Henrik Gockel  started his career in Switzerland, in an established Swiss fitness-franchise. He spent six years managing over 200 clubs for Fitness First, the world’s largest fitness chain at the time, and in 2010 he founded PRIME TIME fitness. 9 years later, Gockel and Virtuagym aligned forces to take on the fitness industry and bring his business to the next level. However, in 2020 COVID hit the fitness industry, which resulted in the closing of many clubs around the world in an unparalleled and challenging situation.

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If we communicate well now, and convey that physical fitness is paramount in reducing the risk of the serious effects of infectious diseases, then we, as an industry will come out of this crisis stronger.

Henrik Gockel - Managing Director, PRIME TIME fitness
Henrik Gockel  Managing Director PRIME TIME fitness
PRIME TIME fitness

What’s planned for the future?

Thanks to Henrik’s innovative mind and Virtuagym’s digital training integrations, the blows of the pandemic were far less impactful to PRIME TIME fitness than the average fitness operator within the German market. Offering personal training subscriptions and personalized Virtual Fitness Club membership with online group classes have not only helped PRIME TIME fitness to navigate the pandemic, but have also catapulted them into the future of fitness, miles ahead of their competitors. “Bel Air”, the corporate fitness branch of PRIME TIME, is also expanding into the future with outdoor training options that would not have been possible pre-Virtuagym. “More and more companies are taking responsibility for their employees with the goal of regular workouts and healthy eating. With Virtuagym, Bel Air is here to take on the call that these companies are now pursuing.” - Henrik Gockel The corporate fitness division is also expanding, especially to help companies in their mission to get their employees back in the office. PRIME TIME fitness is seeing more and more companies taking responsibility for their employees with the goal of regular workouts and healthy eating.

“Although the pandemic has disrupted the fitness industry across the globe we can also see the fruit that it has borne that may not have been possible pre-pandemic.”

Henrik Gockel, Managing Director PRIME TIME fitness

For example, directly after lockdown in June of 2021 Henrik Gockel opened his second club franchise and in fall the first PRIME TIME fitness will open in Switzerland.

How does Virtuagym fit into these goals?

“We see Virtuagym as an integral part of our interactive training exercises, and coaching programs,” says Henrik Gockel. “Virtuagym is a modern, open, future oriented company, and we are ecstatic to see what the future holds for our partnership. I’m sure Virtuagym can advance us in digitalization via workout planning, workout managing, videos, and beyond to provide customized training experiences for our members.

“Virtuagym allows us to compile and offer everything in a uniform way. This is something we haven’t found in any other software out there. Everything is customizable down to the finest detail.”

Henrik Gockel, Managing Director PRIME TIME fitness

Training is our basic function in the company and this includes training programs with exercises.

“Furthermore, the extensive library of exercises makes compiling training programs easy, because you can find something for everyone.”

Another advantage for PRIME TIME fitness is that the exercises are animated in such a way that they are displayed completely independent of equipment manufacturers. Thus, there are no problems with equipment, brands, or equipment types.

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I haven't seen that anywhere else. And as I said, exercise is our core product, so this is critical for us

Henrik Gockel - Managing Director, PRIME TIME fitness
Henrick Gockel PRIME TIME Fitness

The future of the fitness industry

As a host to its members, PRIME TIME fitness strives for a personal connection between members, trainers and coaches.

“That’s why our goal is to offer digitalization with a human touch”. - Henrik Gockel, Managing Director PRIME TIME fitness

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