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Power40 – Creating An Ecosystem of Health Using Technology

Be it in the mornin' sun or when the evenin' comes, Memphis is always on the move – and few places are moving as fast towards technological transformation as Power40.

Here, members can boogie on down to dynamic 40-minute workouts while also getting their fitness fix at home thanks to the studio’s robust and elegantly designed digital fitness platform.

This boutique brainchild of the YMCA prides itself on retaining all the positive trappings of the Y while providing members the sort of rockstar rush of working out at an exclusive fitness club. Think, flashing lights, dance music, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

I think innovation is relative… the use of the app may not be innovative in the global health and wellness space, but the way we’ve designed the app works with the atmosphere we’ve created in the physical space.

Jeremy Long

VP of Sales at Power40

Power40 director Wesley Ashcraft and VP of Sales Jeremy Long have been hot on the tech trail since the studio’s inception in October 2020. From holistic health content, nutrition tracking, meditation, and a large variety of workout options, no stone is left unturned when it comes to integrating technology, health, and accessibility.

The goal is to really provide you with a full ecosystem of health and fitness – and whatever else clients may need if we can offer it.

Wesley Ashcraft

Director of Power40

Interestingly, this is not Power40’s first venture into the world; the club first launched at the start of COVID-19 and promptly got placed on the back burner until later that year. According to Jeremy, even though the first iteration of the Power40 concept barely got off the ground, it provided a massive learning opportunity for what the club could and should look like.

When the possibility for a second launch arrived, armed with the right gym management system and a team of dedicated individuals, Power40 was ready for liftoff.

Launching – and Growing – During the Pandemic

Despite launching amid a global pandemic, Power40 was able to grow because it recognized the importance of software solutions. And, when it came to choosing a gym management software, Jeremy and Wesley knew that the system needed to be flexible and as exciting as their concept – both visually and content-wise.

According to Wesley, COVID-19 taught us many things – one of which is that you must provide value outside of your physical location. The act of digitizing fit in perfectly with Power40’s philosophy to provide solutions that are widely accessible.

“About a month ago, we had a snowstorm that hit Memphis, and everything was knocked down for about a week, and people were not able to come to our studio. But, through Virtuagym, we were still able to provide them with workouts to do at home.”

Wesley Ashcraft, Director Power40

Features Used



A completely customizable and turnkey hybrid membership engagement solution that provides clients with a complete library of digital workout content.

Virtuagym Touch

In-facility coaching touchscreens to inspire and teach clients via wall-mounted screens, tablets, or kiosks – comes equipped with high-res workouts!


A comprehensive wellness and performance management solution with visual content comprising 3,000+ activities. Track and motivate clients’ mindfulness.

Power40 is exploring this technological trajectory even further by giving their clients access to Mindvibe and FitnessonDemand to provide a full suite of health and fitness content. When it comes to future-focused solutions, they are showing no signs of losing momentum.

Consolidating the Client Experience Within a Singular Platform

For Jeremy and Wesley, mapping the entire client journey was imperative for maximizing lead generation as well as creating a positive experience for potential members and staff. Jeremy’s sales expertise came into play during this stage of the process. What digital tools could they use to ease the client journey and – ultimately – narrow it down to just six steps?

“As we journey-mapped a client, the ease and simplicity of that journey became very important…. From hearing about us to managing the processes, everything happens on that platform. We wanted a singular platform that would literally take care of the front-of-house from a consumer standpoint and the back-of-house from an administrative standpoint.”

Jeremy Long, VP of Sales at Power40

After a detailed analysis of the gym software market, they settled on a system that allowed them to offer clients a consumer-facing platform and provide digital coaching. As for back-end processes such as accounting, schedule management, booking, and such, these are all managed or automated using the Virtuagym club management software.

What’s Next for Power40?

According to Jeremy, COVID-19 has expedited technological growth in the fitness landscape. Technology, be it wearables, software, or apps, now occupy an increased market share – and we’re not getting that share back.

The pandemic has also caused a behavioral change in consumers themselves; priorities have shifted, and people value flexibility. They may no longer be completely willing to plan their schedules around going to the gym. A digital solution addresses this change in consumer demand.

“If you can’t come to the gym, we can still give you options to do things at home. Sitting at home and stressed out? Pull out Mindvibe.

Wesley Ashcraft

Director of Power40

Power40 is also beginning to shift its sights towards corporate wellness and take its parent company, the YMCA, to new levels of innovation. This small studio dreams big mainly thanks to the progressive attitudes of its staff.

The personal trainers, instructors, experts, and individuals who keep the studio running smoothly have flung the Power40 concept forward and adapted to technological change at every step of the way. The future looks bright for this Memphis-based fitness studio.

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