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Pacific Beach Training Goes Digital to Stay Ahead of the Game


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The Story of Pacific Beach Training

Trendy bars, suntanned surfers, and an exuberant nightlife makes San Diego an exciting city to live in and work in. Throw into the mix stretches of pristine beaches, parks, and a consistently warm climate, and you’ll soon discover that staying active is part of the cultural landscape. And, for P.B. residents, there’s no place quite like Pacific Beach Training.



A gym made up of diverse and passionate fitness experts, and helmed by a former athlete, has all the makings for success. In fact, even a global pandemic couldn’t take away from the luster of this San Diego-based gym that views its staff, members, and community as family.

Pacific Beach Training is devoted to continuously improving the quality of life of all those who train within and outside of its doors – and these days, virtually too. The gym’s full plethora of services includes health, fitness, nutrition, as well as wellness. From strength, recovery, functional movement, posture, all the way up to senior fitness – one size fits all is a phrase never uttered at Pacific Beach Training.

"We've been lucky enough to find avenues to keep them training with us whether that was online or in public spaces when we were allowed to do so."

- Junior Leoso, Owner

That’s why, when COVID-19 brought about the uncertainty of closures, gym owner Junior Leoso decided to go for the gym management software that is tailored to his business’s needs. Using Virtuagym’s member-facing app and gym management system, Junior was able to take care of his members, ease the burden on his staff, as well as enter the digital era of fitness, all in one fell swoop.

The Problem-Solution Approach

The concept is simple: identify the problem and create actionable solutions. When Junior Leoso came to the conclusion that he was going to use gym software, it was a no-brainer that the software had to be expertly executed. When he approached Virtuagym with his list of needs, it became apparent that the software's full suite of services and tools were catered to his business's needs.

Experiencing trouble staying open amid the pandemic? The app allowed them to digitize their workout and nutrition plans in a customer-facing app. How about communicating news of outdoor workouts? Simply use the Community feature to send notifications about events.

For staff and trainers, this means they could diversify their training plans and experiment with digitization, and as a result, update their personal skills to suit today's consumer needs.

"Virtuagym software helped me tremendously. We were able to use the app for our members to join without having to download other programs or have multiple devices. We noticed that our users are going up tremendously nowadays."

- Junior Leoso, Owner

A Brave Leap Into the Digital Fitness Era

Even a self-proclaimed tech-novice, Junior took to the Virtuagym software like fish to water. Easy onboarding and continuous support from the Virtuagym team meant that Pacific Beach Training could understand the full scope of the app and wield it to overcome the challenges of rapidly digitizing.

Rather than delving into unknown territory without any guidance, Junior recruited the help of experts to help him decipher data and set up everything he needed. This means that he, and his team, could step up their game and compete against larger gyms – while sticking it to the pandemic.

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