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How fitness influencer Jenna Carmen uses Virtuagym to coach members worldwide with her solid community.
Jenna Carmen Uses Virtuagym to Coach Members Worldwide

Jenna Carmen’s Story

When Jenna Carmen started out in bikini bodybuilding competitions, she didn’t realise that she’d end up with more than 42k followers on Instagram and 176k followers on Facebook. What started as a hobby soon turned into a full-time job and today South African-based Jenna trains members in countries around the world. Jenna soon found that working with an app like Virtuagym would be crucial to the success of her business long-term. “I used to ask a lot of questions to the members to see how we could improve. A lot of women were battling with how to do the exercises so then we created videos for the app and that’s how the app came into play,” explains the influencer and business owner.

Features Used

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Custom Mobile App

Client-facing app with bespoke customization to Live Fit with Jenna Carmen.

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Online Community

Community feature for client engagement, progress tracking, and long-term retention.

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A lot of members will say how much they love the community group, that’s one of their favourite things about the app.

Jenna Carmen - Influencer and owner, Live Fit with Jenna Carmen
Jenna Carmen  Influencer and owner of Live Fit with Jenna Carmen
Live Fit with Jenna Carmen

Online Coaching to Reach a Worldwide Client-Base

Jenna’s client offering rests solely on being able to provide her services online. Although she started with PDF workout sheets, she quickly realised the benefits of working with a digital platform that would allow her to upload videos and help members work on their form with a 3D animated personal trainer. Jenna adds her workout plans and links her YouTube videos to the app. “People use it [the app] to monitor progress, enter weight, and track. Some people also link it to their watches,” she explains. Adding that “they want to know that they’re doing exactly the right form instead of looking at a picture or having to Google every workout because that would be really time-consuming.” Providing a digital service alone can be difficult for trainers that want to ensure exercises are done correctly. “If you’re not doing the correct form you can have problems… it’s great that the app allows for the exercise to be safe and for members to have more of a healthy life while having a community as well.” Jenna gives her members the option to choose from a workout PDF or the Jenna Live Fit branded Virtuagym app, however she explains “the app is more popular!”

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I also post recipes in the app that can be used with the meal plans to keep it interesting. There’s so much you can do in fitness to keep on track and keep people motivated - you have to be innovative

Jenna Carmen - Influencer and owner, Live Fit with Jenna Carmen
Jenna Carmen  Influencer and owner of Live Fit with Jenna Carmen
Live Fit with Jenna Carmen

Constant communication with members

One of the most difficult things about having an online community is ensuring that members stay engaged with your business. Jenna’s members are big fans of the in-app community groups, “I think that’s their favourite part of the app.” Despite being an influencer on social media, Jenna admits, “For me my main focus is the app so I spend a lot of time on the community, speaking to people. Social media would be my second focus. I’m focusing more on my members as they are most important to me.” Virtuagym’s software allows her to hone her focus in on her members, and it seems to have paid off - “I see a lot of women supporting each other through good and bad - and it is very very motivating… the community groups are basically like a forum where they can all chat.” This support system means her members stay engaged and stick to the program. “They’ll say what they have enjoyed, share transformation pictures or how they felt during the day. Sometimes people have had a bad day and now they can communicate to motivate each other. So it is really a support group and very motivating to see.”

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