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How Basic-Fit Uses Virtuagym to Scale Its Business Through Thick and Thin


1,400,000 +


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Basic-Fit Uses The Virtuagym Custom Mobile App

By offering members access to the Virtuagym custom mobile app as an upsell, Basic-Fit tapped into a new and easy revenue stream. Virtuagym’s fitness apps add an extra layer to their member experience that fits perfectly with their staffless gym concepts. So in the end it doesn’t only benefit the business, it benefits the members, who now have access to a club community, progress tracking, nutrition guidance, personal profiles, scheduling, and more.

Digital Upsells

With more than 1.5 million members, Basic-Fit announced in their semi-annual financial report in 2017 that over 3% of their member base uses the Basic-Fit Pro App on top of their subscription at a rate of 4.99 a month – a number that is still climbing.

Virtuagym offers the only proven digital upsell model in the fitness industry. It allows businesses to tap into new revenue streams and offer their members a high-tech experience. Virtuagym is designed to affect behavioral change and help gym members achieve long-lasting results – and delivering results is a key aspect to building a loyal member base.

First, we tried to do make an app ourselves. We failed. Now we work with a worldwide leader in the technology space: Virtuagym.

Rene Moos

CEO of Basic Fit

Features Used


Mobile App

Member-facing app with exercise guidance, online community, and access control integration.

Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.


A scheduling system with in-app booking and waiting list features

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