How Fitness Software Transformed Nestlé’s Campus Health Club

Nestlé has implemented technology into their existing facilities to completely transform the fitness experiences of their employees.
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The Story of Nestlé

As the leading food manufacturer globally, Nestlé prioritizes health. This commitment isn’t just for their products; it extends to employee wellness.

Embracing Employee Wellness at Vevey Campus

Located in Switzerland, the Vevey campus serves as Nestlé’s global headquarters. Here, employees and their families benefit from a plethora of associations funded by Nestlé. This diverse range includes a running association, a theater group, and notably, a fitness association.

From A Single Gym to Expanding Horizons

The wellness journey began with a gym situated in the main building. It was well-equipped, boasting a wide range of cardio and strength tools. Moreover, it offered relaxation amenities like a sauna, hammam, and a cold-water pool.

However, recognizing the challenges employees faced with long gym commutes during workdays, a strategic decision was made. Two years ago, Nestlé inaugurated a second, more compact gym facility at the La Tour-de-Peilz office, just a kilometer away from the main building.

Features used

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Mobile App

Member-facing app with exercise guidance, online community, and access control integration.

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Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.

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Custom App

A scheduling system with in-app booking and waiting list features.

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Virtuagym proved to be the most efficient partner to cover all the needs we had.

Laurent Bischoff - Digital Innovations Manager , Nestlé

The Challenges of Increased Complexity

“Over a decade ago, when starting at IT, I was able to develop a system to manage the fitness facilities,” explains Laurent Bischoff, Digital Innovations Manager at Nestlé.

“But with the increase of employees in the club and the extension of our service offering, it became a bit obsolete.”

The software in use was installed locally, on a single desktop. This meant regular backups had to be made and there was no connection to the internet. “It was slow, annoying, and outdated in the age of the cloud,” says Bischoff.

With 1100 employees and multiple locations, it was clear: “We needed something in the cloud.”

Finding the Right Solution

After a meticulous online search and product comparison, Bischoff chose Virtuagym. “Virtuagym proved to be the most efficient partner to cover all our needs.”

Implementing the Solution

Roll-outs need to be careful and phased. Bischoff states, “As an IT guy, I know that you can’t just open up everything at once.”

The journey started with basics like access control and member management. After integrating the existing barcode-based access control with Virtuagym software, new solutions emerged.

“We needed a better way to handle our access control. In cooperation with Virtuagym, we developed a new system using the mobile app. The app generates a barcode, making employee cards non-mandatory.”

Reaping the Benefits

Introducing Virtuagym to Nestlé’s fitness facility reaped many benefits. Bischoff emphasizes the depth of member profiling, “We can record crucial medical data, and design workout plans accommodating any health issues.”

Plans are underway for more tailored training, leveraging Virtuagym’s vast database of 5,000+ animated exercise guides .

However, it’s not just member benefits. Administrative tools have also transformed operations. “Our previous scheduling system was unreliable. Now, it’s state of the art. The waiting list ensures classes are always full. Giving members the ability to take vacant spots makes a big difference.”

The Nestlé gym’s online community has also thrived. “Before a coach could answer a question on the app, other gym members would! With many fitness enthusiasts, our staff shifted from being activators to moderators.”

Support That Makes the Difference

Support stood out for Bischoff. “The Virtuagym team was exceptional. Questions were answered within a day,” he shares.

In conclusion, Nestlé revolutionized their fitness facilities using cutting-edge tech. Trusting a proven digital system for administrative tasks ensures the health facilities are on par with a global business leader’s standards.

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