Owning a gym without the headaches of owning a gym

For them, using Virtuagym software for gyms was the only way to go.
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The story of FitPro Station

CJ Schneller and his wife Kim are in the business of helping fitness professionals build theirs. FitPro Station is a new shared workspace based out of Sandy Springs, GA, with a fully-equipped station that independent trainers can rent on an hourly basis.

On top of that, FitPro Station supports trainers with their marketing process. For example, their website is purposely designed to look like a traditional website and is used to funnel clients to the right trainers. For them, using Virtuagym software for gyms was the only way to go.

Features used

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Mobile Apps

Client-facing app with exercise and nutrition guidance, and an online community.

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Credit System

Flexible session credit system to enable easy location rental.

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Admin automation

Online sign-up, contract automation, scheduling software, and more.

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Virtuagym was the ONLY solution that did what I wanted to do.

CJ Schneller - Owner, FitPro Station

Building a scalable business

From the moment they started this new venture, they had it clear they wanted to run their business on software. First, there was the matter of efficiency. “We could’ve tried to do our admin manually,” CJ explained, “but from a price point, it just made so much more sense to do it with software. Even if I would’ve paid someone 10$ an hour, it still would’ve been cheaper to use the software.”

Moreover, it would allow them to build their business in a scalable way. “I’m thinking long term,” CJ said. “I don’t just want to have 1 location with stations, we’re going for multiple locations.” The right software needed to help them realize that vision.

You can’t always get what you want - or can you?

The search didn’t turn out to be easy. With a list of 10+ providers and a list of requirements at the ready, CJ started striking up conversations. The list shrunk rapidly. “We needed software for scheduling, for payments, and software that’s compatible with our business model. A lot of them just couldn’t give me what I wanted,” CJ said. “So I went back to the search, and I found you guys. Virtuagym was the ONLY solution that did what I wanted to do.“Digital currency that pays off

Virtuagym’s credit system was one of the main selling points. FitPro Station trainers can buy credits and subsequently use them to schedule workspace time. Simple enough: buy credits, book a station. “What I like about the credit system is scalability. In the future, prices might change per location, time of day, and so on. I don’t want trainers to put in their credit cards every single time. That’s a bad experience. This credit system, however, is like a gift card. Buy it once, use it whenever.”

A professional and easy experience

A seamless experience is central to the FitPro Station vision. “One of the key tenets of our business is that everything is automated. Once trainers tour the studio, they sign up online through Virtuagym, purchase credits through Virtuagym, they book stations with Virtuagym. It’s 100% automated.”

Secondly, professionalism is essential. The equipment is high-end, the branding is consistent. The franchise mindset is already strong with FitPro Station. It leaves trainers genuinely excited about the business opportunities and about having their own studio space. This is also one of the reasons why CJ opted for a custom app. “Our trainers use that for purchases and booking. It’s so much easier than sending emails, and it really contributes to the image of our brand.”

A partner with a common mission

The future’s bright for FitPro Station. Referral programs, split business models, reselling the Virtuagym Coach app, branching out to multiple locations - all to serve the mission of helping independent fitness professionals grow. Virtuagym will support him on that journey. “When I have 5 or even 10 locations,” CJ says, “I still want to be able to offer frictionless business to my clients. This is not just about finding a solution for the next few months, but a long-term partnership.”

That partnership won’t be an issue: Virtuagym is in the same line of work. “Both we and Virtuagym want to help fitness professionals build and grow their business,” CJ concludes. “I appreciate that common goal.”

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