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The Story of FemmeGym

It’s been over two years since Halima and Valeria, co-owners of FemmeGym, took over and turned the gym into the fun, welcoming and easygoing women-only gym that it is today.

From the interior to the staff, every element of the gym is comforting – plants and fun furniture are everywhere, topped with an array of bits and bobs.

This private workout environment in Amsterdam offers a variety of services, including group classes, coaching, yoga and mobile services. But most importantly, the ladies of FemmeGym put an emphasis on ambiance. “We wanted to create an atmosphere that our gym members love coming to,” says Halima Hollenberg.

Virtuagym’s online signup helped us grow by 80%

Halina Hollemberg

Co-founder FemmeGym

Features Used


Webshop & Online Signup

Webshop module with online member signup functionality.

Club Mobile App

A branded fitness app, customized for Femmegym’s business.


A scheduling system with in-app booking and waiting list feature

Time for a Fitness Software Update

When they took over the gym, Halima and Valeria adopted the same software which had been used in the previous gym. “We took what was already available,” Halima explains. “We had software for administration, a system for exercise guidance and another for nutrition. But it just didn’t work for us. The systems weren’t incompatible from one another. Because of that hassle, we started to look for something that offered everything in one platform.”

Moving to All-in-One Fitness Software

During the search that followed, they focused on finding a solution that provided them with a mobile fitness app, membership management tool, nutrition coaching and a sense of community for their clients.

That’s when they found Virtuagym. “The trigger for us was the personalized fitness app and the customer service. There was always someone to help, which was an important aspect for us.”

Online Webshop Helps FemmeGym with Expansion

Above all, Virtuagym’s webshop feature has helped them to open up their doors to a wider audience. It’s mainly used by new and existing members to sign up and renew their memberships, but also to sell branded merchandise, like the quite popular FemmeGym hoodie.

“The webshop made it possible for us to register clients online so that people can become a member more easily. That online signup is really working for us.” The results are telling: FemmeGym has grown from 500 members when they took over to over 900 with the help webshops online signup.

“It’s easy to use for our staff, and it saves me a lot of time with administration, as I don’t have to check on my colleagues or send out emails – that’s all done automatically. Our members are delighted with the app because of the features it offers. They have exercise and nutrition tools, can book classes, and have their personalized schedules at their fingertips”. On top of this, clients are presented with in-app advertisements for local shops where they receive a discount.

Customers can log their own progress, while Virtuagym enables trainers to get an immediate overview of all logged measurements. Not only do members use the app to do their workouts or to log their nutrition, but they also use it outside of the gym as a social platform. So with the app, FemmeGym is taking their community outside of their brick-and-mortar gym out into the world.

The Future of FemmeGym: Expanding with Virtuagym

With the rising popularity of FemmeGym, Halima and Valeria plan to take Virtuagym with them on their next adventure. “We’re renting a space nearby so that we can expand our aerobics schedule, and offer more lessons to our clients.”

By expanding their gym, they’ll be able to serve their existing clients better, and they’ll have more space to offer to their already overflowing gym. By integrating the Virtuagym software at the new location as well, Halima and Valeria will be able to centrally manage client data and business performance, and more efficiently manage their scheduling, without having to be in two places at once.

They can’t wait to get started: “It’s a small new studio, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow.”

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