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Catching Up With Bodytec Dammiventiminuti

We caught up with one of our clients, Mario Vella, who shared with us how Virtuagym's club management solves his day-to-day issues and allows him to expand the business.

If you're looking for something quick, personalized, smart, efficient, Virtuagym is the best choice.

Mario Vella

Head of Performance, Bodytec Dammiventiminuti

Features Used


Mobile App

A branded fitness app, customized for their business needs

Scheduling & Booking

Automated booking system that allows members to book any type of class or session via their mobile app.

Management & Billing

Membership management & payment software modules enhanced through automation.



Mario Vella, Head of Performance at Bodytec Dammiventiminuti, Florence: Every year I come here to the FIBO because I’ve got a partnership with MIHA BODYTEC, Germany. I work in Italy for them. We are developing at the moment in Italy an EMS Training Academy. So it’s a big project, this kind of fitness, quick fitness. And it’s very amazing for me to work with them and all the systems.

I’m a very happy client. I’m here to say thanks to Virtuagym because they resolved a big problem in the management of our studios. In the beginning, we needed a way to perform quickly with the appointment, management and stuff like that with our business and Virtuagym was the perfect solution!

Our business is going very fast at the moment because we got many requests and that’s why we opened a franchise with Bodytec Dammiventiminuti, because our concept is becoming very famous and because it’s quick, smart and simple. And the biggest power is the Virtuagym system, because people who want to open with us, find a big difference with this organization to manage the system.

Our clients are very very happy! And I remember one of them is an old woman that said "I’m not so used to using smartphones and stuff like that. "Usually, I book my session directly with your trainers, but once I discovered the app: this system is for me"… "my life is totally changed! I never thought I could be so friendly with technology, but now I love it! "It’s totally quick, smart, and fast." If they look for something quick, personalized, smart, efficient, Virtuagym is the best choice.

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