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How Akasha London Saves 40 Hours a Week

The Story of Akasha

The Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, affiliated with the Hotel Café Royal in London, helps their clients with a holistic approach to wellbeing. Besides a state-of-the-art gym, Akasha offers holistic classes and luxury spa and massage services. To complement these services Akasha deploys Virtuagym within their business.

“Nowadays, people are into innovative approaches, be that through computers or mobile devices,” says Hedi Sersoub, Lifestyle Manager at Hotel Café Royal. “We needed a modern system that offered a wide variety of features that would cater to our clients’ every need.”


Communication is Vital

For their clients, ease of use is important. Clients needed to be able to book classes individually and be able to easily access the gym. The staff needed to be able to monitor check-ins, to keep an eye on capacity, and who entered the gym. Lastly, Akasha is all about communication. “The need for communication within our club was vital.”

Akasha did extensive online research, weighing the pros and cons of the various different solutions out there. “A couple of solutions offered part of the features we needed, but not all,” says Sersoub. “That wasn’t ideal, because we didn’t want to have to deal with multiple providers. Luckily, in the end we found one that suited all our needs.”

Just the booking system alone saves us 40 hours a week on average.

Hedi Sersoub

Lifestyle Manager, Hotel Café Royal

Features Used



A flexible schedule set up for all of Akasha's fitness and wellness services.

Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.

Mobile App

A branded mobile app that enables access to Akasha's digital service offering.

Plenty of Room for Growth

A benefit of the Virtuagym system is that it offers more than what they need at the moment. “There is plenty of room for growth within the system. It’s good to know that when we need something, it’ll be there waiting for us.” As such, the holistic approach to well-being of Akasha is reflected in the scope of Virtuagym’s system.

Despite the ease of use of the Virtuagym fitness software, that multitude of options did take some getting used to, says Sersoub, but the Virtuagym support team has proven incredibly helpful. “They’re there to answer any questions, whenever they arise.”

Finally, Akasha loved the branded mobile app, which they can personalize and customize to suit their own business. “It’s great to see an app with our branding. It looks great to our clients as well, and they love how easy it is to use.”


Easy Insights Into Their Business

The main benefits Akasha experienced so far are simplification and ease of use. Access control has improved through the integration with the simple and straight-forward Virtuagym system, while management benefits from the ability to create reports and graphs of pretty much every statistic. Colleagues at the reception don’t have to take bookings over the phone anymore, which saves precious time and energy. “Just the booking system alone saves us 40 hours a week on average.”

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