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Client Profile: Absolutely Fitness


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How is Virtuagym Helping Absolutely Fitness?

Having opened their doors in 2013, Absolutely Fitness has taken a truly original approach to the gym concept. Promoting the ‘inner hero’ inside each of their members, Absolutely Fitness place an emphasis on providing the best equipment available, at an affordable price. But that’s not all, their desire to build a community of fitness fanatics has led them to be put forward for a UK National Fitness Award every year since their opening.

None of the systems we evaluated offered the community features Virtuagym has, since we really want to emphasize the social aspect in our clubs, it really made the difference.

Jack Bishop

Commercial Manager, Absolutely Fitness

Features Used



Flexible scheduling for personal training sessions and group classes.

Online Community

Driving engagement and boosting retention through an online community with tailored interest groups.

Progress Tracking

Visualizing progress to keep members motivated and committed.

Absolutely Fitness Uses Virtuagym to Build their Fitness Community

Absolutely Fitness is a young brand that is aiming to break the cycle of boring workouts with a healthy dose of fun. They’re doing it right, having been shortlisted for the UK National Fitness Awards every year since their opening.

In a fiercely competitive industry, they distinguish themselves in the value-for-money space with a focus on community. Their brand promise is to help members “find their inner heroes.” But with multiple locations and thousands of members, efficiency became paramount for their communication efforts.

“We’d been looking for a solution to that challenge for a while,” says Jack Bishop, Commercial Manager at Absolutely Fitness. “We implemented access control and club management systems, but we were lacking a customer-facing solution to help us engage our members.”

After comparing their options, Virtuagym became the solution of their choice. “None of the systems we evaluated offered the community features Virtuagym has,” Bishop explains. “Since we really want to emphasize the social aspect in our clubs, it really made the difference.”


Nothing Boosts Retention Like Competition

Virtuagym’s community will be used to set up challenge systems, in which staff will take the lead to motivate members to compete. “Initially, we’ll rely on staff and ambassadors to promote member activation,” says Bishop, “but the next phase will see Virtuagym integrated into our member onboarding process.” Staff reception has been good, highlights being the mobile nutrition app, the customization options of the system, and of course the community.

Naturally, Absolutely Fitness isn’t all about fun and games, though Bishop admits it is part of their culture. In the end, Virtuagym is implemented to help them increase business results. Forecasts show a 10% decrease in month-13 attrition rates. A further increase of CLV is sought after by implementing Virtuagym’s digital PRO membership feature.

Both companies are enthusiastic about the partnership. “They’re great people,” says Thomas Woods, Account Executive for Absolutely Fitness at Virtuagym. “We’re going to do our very best to help them reach their business goals.”

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