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Learn about your members’ behavior with the Retention Planner

Focusing on customer retention in the fitness industry is more important than ever. Keeping track of the customers you already have is far less expensive than acquiring new ones. Easily identify your at-risk members and act quickly with personal outreach to reduce churn and secure your monthly revenue.

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Understand your members with the Retention Planner

Deep dive into your members’ behavior such as the number of check-ins, classes attended, and upcoming bookings. Our algorithm helps you determine the health of your members and reduces the likelihood of churn.

  • Insights into your member’s behavior
  • Easy to identify at-risk members
  • Simple dashboard overview
  • Data-driven member retention
  • AI forecasting abilities

About the Retention Planner

Track retention

Look at member behavior data and map out associated risk levels.

Prevent churn

Determine which members to focus on; take the guesswork out of your churn risk.

Increase revenue

It is a proven, data-driven way to increase your monthly revenue.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • What’s new in the Retention Planner?
    With this new module, it is easier than ever to increase your retention. Identify which members of your fitness business are at risk of ending their contracts, and have all the details at hand to reach out to them. It's a proven, data-driven way to increase your retention – and your monthly revenue!
  • Why do we use these definitions?
    There are three (good) reasons as to why we use these definitions:
    1. These thresholds are the industry’s standard
    2. We ran an AI algorithm that proved that based on days_since_last_visit, we can predict with 80% likelihood if a customer will churn
    3. All our test customers agreed on these thresholds
  • What are the definitions of the risk statuses?
    The risk statuses can be defined by the following:
      1. Sleeping – no visit > 90 days and no future booking
      2. High risk – no visit > 21 days and no future booking
      3. Medium – no visit > 14 days and no future booking
      4. Low risk – visit <= 14 days and/or future booking
      5. Paused – membership paused
      6. Visit – check-in and/or class attended
  • Can I export the data for my own analysis?
    Yes! All data from the Retention Planner can easily be exported directly from the module into a CSV file.
  • How much does Retention Planner cost?
    While this is usually a paid feature, to help during these difficult times, the Retention Planner will be available for free through March 2021.

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