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World Class Custom Branded Mobile App

Why build a mobile app from the ground up when you can buy a proven solution tailored to the fitness and health industry? Guarantee your clients an excellent app experience and professionalize your business with your own branded mobile app.

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See what your app will look like


Empower your clients with extra services

Average rating of 4.5 stars

Grow your brand name

Increase clients' retention

One platform for your clients, in your branding


Empower your clients with your own customized app. Provide them with one touchpoint that will be with them 24/7. The app will allow your clients to check schedules, training plans, receive marketing messages and access your club community.


 Stay top of mind with your clients

 Keep your clients engaged through push notifications

Communicate by using the club community and marketing messages

Clients can easily book classes, check your schedule and access their training plans



Add Value to your Brand


A custom app with your own logo and colors is a crucial marketing asset. In this digital era, you can differentiate from your competitors by having the most reliable app in the industry.


✔ Over 11.000.000 downloads, in 90 countries, with 4.5 /5-star app rating

 200+ custom mobile apps created

 Professionalize your business

 Let your clients download it from the Apple App store or Google Play
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Build Your Own Branded App

See what your own Virtuagym app could look like

Design Your App

This app builder allows you to create a basic version of what your Custom Branded Mobile app will look like. You can upload your logo and select your brand's color.

Step 1: Upload Your Logo:

Step 2: Pick Your App Color

Curious about the possibilites?

Customize tiles and features, use background images, and more with your own Virtuagym app.

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All The Custom Branded Mobile App Features

Discover all the custom branded mobile app features that will allow your clients to always keep your business in mind.

State-of-the-Art Mobile Apps

With millions of downloads and 4,5/5 star ratings, our apps are a proven success for your business.

Always Be in Touch

Use community groups to motivate and inspire, or promote your services and drive revenue.

A Complete Solution

Offer exercise and progress tracking, communication, scheduling, and more - all in one place.

Wearables and Monitors

Connect wearables through Google Fit or Apple Health, or directly connect with NEO Health.

Build a Community

Foster a community that drives client loyalty with our social media features and challenge modules.

Your Own Brand on a Proven Solution

Virtuagym has options for completely custom experiences. Enquire about the possibilities.


Schedule Your Free Demo

Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

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