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COVID Pass Integration through a QR Code scanner

Is your gym or studio currently expected to only admit clients with a Green Pass? We have a quick way for you to make this as efficient as possible. With our new COVID Pass Integration, you can scan your clients' International COVID Pass QR Code and link this to their membership information. This check will not cost you and your staff any extra time.

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How do you check COVID cerfiticates and QR codes in your gym?
One scan per check-in

With this integration, just one scan is required for the membership information and the COVID certificate to be checked when entering the gym.

Automate the process

There is no need to have a fully dedicated staff member to check your clients' COVID certificates upon entry to the gym.

Helps comply with the rules

All visits will be tracked in case of inspection but the QR Code data will not be stored by Virtuagym.

Free of cost

Using our check-in feature already? Then there is no additional cost for you to use the integration. However, you do need to have a QR Code scanner.

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How do the COVID Pass Integration and QR-code scanner work?

  • Information from the International QR Code will be checked against membership information.
  • Data from the COVID certificate will never be stored in our system.
  • With one scan, membership information and the COVID certificate will be checked.
  • The COVID Pass Integration is part of our check-in feature from our MANAGE package
  • For the COVID Pass Integration, you will need a QR Code scanner.
  • The COVID Pass Integration is live for all EU countries, we are working on the UK and non-EU countries.


  • Do I still need to check the ID of the person entering my gym or studio?
    Currently, this integration is in most cases sufficient to meet the new government requirements around the COVID Pass check for the fitness and sports industry. While there is no actual ID check carried out during the check-in process at the club using the COVID Pass Integration, gyms and studios that have a manned desk get a check-in popup with a picture that enables them to verify the identity of the person checking in. Contrary to nightclubs and events, gyms or studios already identified their clients upon registration, a thus a visual identification suffices to comply with regulations.
  • What about data privacy?
    Our system does not store any medical data. This means we do never store the data of the checked COVID-19 Pass or certificate.
  • I have a lot of foreign clients. Will all certificates work?
    The International QR Code from the EU Digital COVID Certificate works with the integration. This means it works in all EU countries. We are currently working on getting it up and running for UK and non-EU countries as well.
  • How can I start using the COVID Pass Integration?
    If you are already a customer of Virtuagym, then you can contact our Client Success Team and they can turn the feature on for you. If If you are not a customer yet, look at our solutions and book a demo. Our team is more than happy to help you.
  • Which QR Code scanner will I need for the integration?
    We have several scanners that can be used with our integration. You find a full list of European scanners in this link.
  • How does the Corona Pass Integration work?
    Members will scan their International Corona QR code from the check-in scanner that you will have at your gym (If you do not have a QR code scanner, you will need to purchase this). The system will then check the status of the Green Pass and match the info on the QR code with the active members of the club to see if they have an active membership. This way, members only need to scan once when entering the gym. We are using the International QR code, because this offers more information which we need to check the membership/credit status.
  • How can I manage social distancing in my facility?
    1. Implement a check-in feature: Either on your website or via a custom app to track visitors and maintain capacity. With a check-in feature, you can set a rule that any clients without a reserved timeslot will be denied entry to ensure safety.

    2. Ask COVID-19 triage questions: Set up a system that allows you to ask triage questions before clients can book a timeslot to enter your facility. These questions can be:

    • In the past 24 hours, have you had a cough, a cold, a fever (above 38 degrees), or shortness of breath?
    • Do you currently have a roommate with a fever and/or shortness of breath?
    • Have you had the coronavirus and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days (in a lab)?

    Clients will need to tick a box to ensure that they have read these questions before a reservation is confirmed. For more information on social distancing in gyms, read our blog on How Will Social Distancing Work in a Gym? A Step-by-Step Guide.
  • How can I limit the risks of spread in my facility?
    1. Stay informed: Only get your information from trusted sources (WHO, your country’s health departments, credible news sites) and avoid clickbait titles and private message chains. To be informed on what’s happening in the fitness business, sign up for our webinar series!

    2. Keep your members up-to-date: Update your social media accounts with everything your business is doing concerning the coronavirus outbreak. Inform them of any and all virtual workouts or livestreams you’re working on!

    3. Check government support initiatives: Many countries are working on measures to relieve financial pressure on SMEs, including tax exemptions or delays in tax payments, reduced support loan interest rates, etc. Make sure you’re informed of what is being offered and how to apply for it.

    4. Comply with health recommendations: In the event of another wave of the coronavirus, ensure you have a system in place to provide frequent cleaning and freely available hand sanitizer. Track the number of visitors and place restrictions on how many people are allowed to simultaneously train at your gym. Communicate guidelines for facemasks, dressing rooms, etc.
  • What do we know about COVID-19 and how it affects fitness businesses?
    Unfortunately, uncertainty is currently the only certainty. To learn more about the coronavirus's impact on the fitness industry in 2021, check out our e-books that contain curated reports on the pandemic and fitness businesses.

    For more information on how the fitness industry is doing a year into the pandemic, read our blog here.

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