Healthier and happier employees with corporate health software.

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Your 24/7 digital platform for promoting better health for your employees. Boost productivity, decrease stress and reduce absenteeism by giving your workers access to workouts and wellness content, plus fitness tracking and a digital community wherever they are.

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Facilitate the best possible health for employees

Reduced absenteeism and its costs

Increased productivity and revenue

An improved image for your organization

Increased employee satisfaction and retention

Better secondary employee benefits

Engage and Connect With
Your Workforce

Build an online community to check-in with your employees working in the office and remotely. Create interest groups, set fitness and wellness challenges, and improve their health and motivation from a distance.

Boost the health of your employees

Create a happier and more productive workforce with fewer absentees. Provide ready-made workout videos, exercises, and challenges plus nutrition and fitness tracking. Care for their mental health too with yoga, meditations, and relaxing audio tracks. Help your employees build healthy habits, even from a distance.

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One platform for your employees, in your branding

Empower your employees to lead healthier lives with your own customized app. One touchpoint provides them with 24/7 access to your corporate wellness bundle. Interact with employees and help them track their health in or outside the workplace.

Happy and healthy employees

With an corporate health software solution you provide your employees with:

  • Access to your community, including fun gamification
  • Workout videos for @Home
  • Meal plans and recipes
  • Insight into their habits (via step, workout, and food tracking)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation exercises

One central touchpoint for members

Corporate fitness provider, Energy Fitness Professionals, wanted a software provide to cover all of their administration tasks but also to communicate with members and build communities - "We want our members to see the app as part of their membership offering and not just the physical gym, as we would have done traditionally.”

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Facilitate the best possible health for employees


Wellness providers

Insurance Providers

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A central wellness hub

Connect Virtuagym to your HR system, employee benefits system, and other employee tools to create a company-wide mobile hub.

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