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Once your friends have joined Virtuagym, you will be eligible to a 50% discount off your license fee, while your friends will receive a 100% discount on their set up fee.

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Terms and Conditions

  • The period you will get the discount depends on the size of the company of your friend. The number of members will be discussed in the demo your friend will have with the Virtuagym sales team. So you won’t need to fill this in.
    • Personal trainer = Up to 150 members is 2 month with 50% discount for you
    • Studios = Up to 1000 members is 4 months with 50% for you
    • gym/clubs = Above 1000 members is 6 months with 50% for you
  • You will receive the discount at the moment your friend becomes a Virtuagym customer.
  • If your friend prematurely cancels their contract your discount will be cancelled as well.
  • If you refer several friends the discount periods will be calculated. For example: if you refer someone with 1200 members and someone with 100 members you will receive 6 months + 2 months. In total, you will receive 8 months of 50% discount on your license.
  • Your friend will get 100% discount on their set up fee.
  • If your friend has been in contact with Virtuagym in the last 3 months the discount is not valid.
  • It's not allowed to refer your own company or a company that you have invested in.
  • You are very welcome to promote the referral program with your network. You can use your personal referral link for this. Just go to this page.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you refer to us. This means that, if you do well, Virtuagym can be free for the rest of your life!
  • Only the friends that are referred via this form or the form on your personal referral page are valid.
  • This program only applies to individual locations. If you have several locations the discount will only apply to 1 location and portal.

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