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Gather insights to grow with Business Analytics Software

Work with the power of data. Analyse and find where the biggest opportunities exist for your business to realize growth. Bring your fitness business to the next level with Virtuagym's Business Analytics Software for health and fitness professionals.

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Gather insights to grow with Business Analytics Software

Work with the power of data. Analyse and find where the biggest opportunities exist for your business to realize growth. Bring your fitness business to the next level with Virtuagym's Business Analytics Software for health and fitness professionals.


iPad - BA tool 2 (small)


Actionable insights into your business
Easy-to-use data to make the right decisions
Future forecasts of your business


Data too complex? Not anymore!

Having valuable data is almost like the controls in your car. It's going to tell you when to take a right turn, a left turn, maybe hit the breaks, but esspecially when to hit the gas and accelerate. Learn how in one minute.


Fitness Chains BI

Understand your business better with business analytics software


Data starts with having a good overview of what is happening at your business. With Business Analytics Software, you can gain understanding on how much revenue you make, what type of memberships are the most popular per target audience and what coaching and fitness plans work for your clients at your club.

 General Business Overview

 Insights in Clients & Memberships

✔ Insights in Coaching Plans and Nutritional Habits

✔ Clear and easy-to-use graphs



Dive deep and identify growth opportunities


Looking for an in-depth solution to dive to the bottom of what is happening at your business? Take a look at heatmaps of when clients enter your facility, which classes are the most popular, how your staff is performing, and predict future trends. With Business Analytics, you can easily identify growth opportunities for your company with our clear and concise data charts and graphs.

In-depth Overview of Check-ins

 Insights in class performance

 Insights staff performance

 New AI forecasting abilities

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All The Business Analytics Features

Discover all the business analytics features that will help you to better understand your business and your clients.

General Business Overview

Get an overview of your business and your members, including revenue intake and the number of members who visit your club.

Clients & Memberships

Get a better understanding of your clients - see which membership types are more popular so you can better define and market your memberships.


AI functionalities on dashboard allows you to predict future business trends.


Take a look at a heatmap of clients coming in per hour. This allows you to put an extra staff member at the desk during peak hours and create special memberships for slow hours and days.


Determine your most popular classes and allocate staff to meet demand.

Retention Dashboard

Take a look at the check-in frequency over the last 30 days and predict churn more accurately.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Business Intelligence software right for your club?
    Business analytics software, if it isn’t already, should become your priority in the years to come. Investing in the right gym management solutions to handle your BI now can reduce the need for micro-managing your data analytics in the future, as well as free up valuable time and resources to implement your findings. A strategic approach to business intelligence will transform your operational processes and allows you to unlock the true potential of your business, improve your competitive edge, and maximize your profits for the years to come.
  • What can you monitor with Business Analytics Software?
    Business intelligence software can help you improve your client engagement by providing insightful information about member check-ins and bookings. This can help you to identify clients at risk of churning, enabling you to reach out to them via telephone and/or email. You can use the business analytics software to evaluate the popularity of each type of class you run at your club or studio. This data can be used to determine which trainers are the most popular for each class category. Using a BI tool you can also determine how many total visitors come to your club or studio in a given time period and how this evolves over time (for example, after a marketing campaign).
  • What are the benefits of Business Intelligence Software?
    The benefits of a BI tool and analytics are plentiful and varied, but they all have one thing in common: they bring the power of knowledge and data management. BI software can transform your fitness business and the way you conduct your business from understanding your members more effectively, driving performance and revenue, identifying sales trends, providing personalized service more easily and improving operational efficiency. The business analytics software will help you understand trends and deriving insights from your data so that you can make tactical and strategic business decisions for your gym, fitness business or studio.
  • What is Business Analytics Software?
    Business analytics software or a BI tool transforms raw data into meaningful and useful information for knowledge about your fitness business, gym or studio. As a fitness professional, you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your club’s day-to-day activities so that you can make snap decisions. This is where business intelligence (BI) and machine learning can play a big role. Data lies everywhere in your gym and you can find it with business analytics software. Every action your members take is a data point that can be analyzed. BI users analyze and present data in the form of dashboards, charts, graphs, and data reports, visualizing complex information in an easier and understandable way. BI is sometimes referred to as ‘descriptive analytics’ as it shows users past and present data: it doesn’t say what to do, but what is or was. The responsibility to take action still lies in your hands. It’s all about using the data to get a clearer understanding of reality so that you can make more strategically sound decisions for your gym or studio.

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