business analytics for your fitness business

Power Data-Driven Growth With Business Analytics Software

Understand your business better with business analytics tools and take a deep dive into growth opportunities.
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Complete Overview

With our fully exportable data module, gain valuable insights, make informed decisions and help your business thrive.

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Supercharge Revenue

Gain actionable insights into client behavior to increase your membership sales and identify the most popular classes.

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Forecast Success

By harnessing the power of AI, make informed business decisions based on data analysis to stay ahead of the competition.

Monitor Your Business Performance with Ease

Check how your business is performing in the blink of an eye: see what comes in and what goes out. Find out how many active customers you have visiting your gym and when.
  • Business and coaching overview
  • Revenue insights with many data splits
  • Data on visits and check-ins
  • Scheduling data
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Understand Client Behavior & Retain Customers

Discover who visits your gym and what kind of memberships they have, and explore your customer demographics such as age and gender. Identify which customers are fully engaged and those who might need a little encouragement.
  • Membership insights
  • Overview of active and sleeping customers
  • Customer demographics
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Improve Your Conversion Rates And Prevent Churn

Stay on top of your leads, sales volume and new subscriptions. Analyze data and start converting more, faster, and better while keeping track of churn rates and cancellations.
  • Track leads
  • Subscriptions
  • Membership and inventory sales
  • Retention and cancellations
Track workload and time reporting
Staff action log

Coming soon: Streamline Workforce Management & Enhance Accountability And Efficiency

Visualize the worked hours of each staff member, their individual workload and keep track of your staff’s actions. With user-friendly features, you export, sort and filter up-to-date data easily.
  • Staff workload overview
  • Staff work hour reporting
  • Staff action log

Your All-in-One Fitness Software

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More than 9,000 businesses trust Virtuagym

More than 9,000 businesses across the world trust Virtuagym with their fitness software

All the Business Analytics Features

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Magnetic Strips

Virtuagym allows your clients to use cards with magnetic strips to check in via the system.

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Barcode Scanners

Virtuagym's software works with barcode scanners. Making sure that your current system still can be used with your existing cards.

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RFID Scanners

RFID uses radio waves to identify people that enter your club. RFID is easy, quick and efficient.

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Easy Installation

We provide clear guidelines and the right tools, so you can install the hardware of your choice yourself. Or, you could let your electrician do the job for you.

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Cash Drawer

Virtuagym supports connections with cash register drawers through our Point of Sale module.

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Integrations and Partnerships

Virtuagym has several partners in your country. We're always open to new opportunities. Just introduce us to your hardware provider and we will contact them in order to integrate.


It provides businesses with actionable insights by analyzing key business data. These meaningful insights allow businesses to make informed decisions that can lead to growth opportunities.