Fight paperwork with boxing club management software

Spend less time in the office, and more time in the ring. Our boxing club software makes your life easier by taking over manual tasks and making member communication more efficient.

Client Management
Class Scheduling

Automated Payments

Online Community

Automated scheduling that can’t be beat

Virtuagym saves you hundreds of hours by fully automating your booking experience. After all, you'd rather focus on your business instead of spending hours on the phone to process bookings and cancellations.

Your members can quickly book classes from your own mobile app.


✔ Flexible class scheduling

✔ Online and in-app booking

✔ Attendance tracking

✔ Class reminders

✔ Webshop link to buy credits

✔ Custom booking rules


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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

Membership management software

Boxing club management without headaches

Knock out your administration by managing your whole business efficiently. Endless paperwork? No thanks. Take your business to the cloud instead. By going digital, you unlock the power of automation. The result is that you’ll save hours and hours every week again.


✔ Billing and Payments

✔ Membership Management

✔ Business Insights

✔ Integrations and Automation

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Software and Support in your language

Both your company and your clients will have access to completely English software.

Aside from that, you'll have access to extensive, English Customer Support, consisting of:

✔ Free onboarding seminar
✔ Help with migrations and set-up
✔ Unlimited free support
✔ Talk to us via chat, email, Skype or phone
✔ Extensive support hours (9 am - 11 pm CET)
✔ Interactive e-learning system for your staff
✔ Free in-depth webinars
✔ Online knowledge base and resources

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How boxing studio software will help your business grow


Schedule & Bookings

Class and session scheduling with integrated credit system, attendance tracking, waiting list features, and an in-app booking tool.
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Membership Management

A flexible and easy to use membership management module that can be tailored to your business model.
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Online Community

Post updates, create groups, send marketing messages and stay in touch within the online club community.
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An integrated invoicing module that supports all major payment methods and connects to leading payment providers
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Discover how Virtuagym can help your fitness business boost efficiency, increase revenue, and make your members happier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will your boxing club benefit from a community?
    Boxing is about more than the fight. It's about mindset. It's about putting in the daily work. An online community helps you to motivate your members to live healthier lives outside of your classes. And not unimportantly, you get a distraction-free environment to promote new services, offers, and more.
  • How can boxing club scheduling software help me?
    As an entrepreneur, you probably like to spend your time finding new ways to grow. Manual class bookings and chasing no-shows is only a distraction from your goals. Let your members do it themselves by using a class scheduling tool. It'll offer your members a great booking experience and will fill up your schedule quicker.
  • Why do I need payment software for my boxing club?
    The more successful your boxing club becomes, the more invoices you'll have to process. Payment processing software helps you keep track of invoices and reduces your workload. By automating the billing process, you'll cut hours of admin time from your weekly tasks.
  • How can boxing club software help my business grow?
    Simply put, it makes member registration easier. Our lead management tools allow you to keep an eye on prospects. When they're ready to sign up, they can do so online via your own web shop. Afterwards, an online payment link gets the membership dues into your account right away.
  • What is boxing club management software?
    If you're anything like us, paperwork isn´t your passion. Our boxing club management software is designed to make your life easier. We take care of admin work for you, by automating or speeding up your daily tasks. Membership management, payment processing, class scheduling. If we can automate it for you, we will.

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