Box management software for affiliate gyms

Management · Scheduling · Mobile Apps · Community

Stop spending your time on admin. Build a community. Increase retention. Motivate your athletes to achieve their goals.

Box management software for affiliate gyms

Management · Scheduling · Mobile Apps · Community

Stop spending your time on admin. Build a community. Increase retention. Motivate your athletes to achieve their goals.

Box affiliates perform better with Virtuagym.

Manage your Box

Automate contract management, payment processing, scheduling, and more.

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Easy class management

Reduce the time you spend on scheduling and administration, and focus on your classes.

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Motivated athletes

Inspire your athletes with your own mobile community, and keep them motivated with challenges.

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We really had a hard time with our old software, but fortunately the transition to Virtuagym went smoothly. We were amazed at the clarity and intuitiveness of the user interface.

Denise Fette, CrossFit Vechta

Box management & payments.

Managing your Box becomes a breeze with our easy-to-use management system. Save time and reduce hassle by using our online solution - always available, wherever you are.

Virtuagym Business Analytics

Contract management

Manage all your client & contract details in one place. Automate key processes to reduce manual work and prevent administrative errors.

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Automated payments

Getting paid shouldn’t give you headaches. Set up your billing processes, and let Virtuagym take care of the details. We support all major payment methods and integrate with leading payment providers.
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Online signup & point of sale

Athletes can easily sign up online thanks to your own webshop. Do you sell merchandise? The point of sale will help you manage that as well.
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Our consultants will show you how Virtuagym can help you manage your Box.

Box class scheduling

Virtuagym supercharges your booking experience with in-app booking and automation. Stop stressing over your schedule and focus on your business and your athletes.

Flexible scheduling

Set your availability and let your athletes book classes at their convenience. This way you can focus on your service level instead of taking phone calls.
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Fill up your classes

Class reminders, waiting lists for popular classes and attendance tracking all team up to keep class attendance high.
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Class credits

Our class credit system allows you to sell single sessions, introductory offers, or multi-class passes. Sell your credits via your webshop or point of sale. Easy as that.
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Happy and motivated athletes

Box is more than just a workout once or twice a week. To promote the necessary mentality shift, you need to constantly inspire and motivate your athletes. Virtuagym helps you do that with an online community and challenge system.

Your own Box app

Customizable, award-winning mobile apps in your own branding? You got it!
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Online Box community

Foster interaction between members and staff through discussion groups and personal profiles.
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Box challenges

Keep your members hungry for success with our challenge system. Let members work towards common goals, or have them compete against each other.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Box management software?
    Box software takes away the need for paperwork and makes your life easier. By automating member management, scheduling, and more, you outsource tedious tasks to Virtuagym. The result: more time you can spend on growing your business and providing great service to your members.
  • How can Box software help my business grow?
    Our lead management tools allow you to keep an eye on prospects. When they're ready to sign up, they can do so online via your own web shop. Afterwards, an online payment link gets the membership dues into your account right away. Extra classes can similarly be bought straight from the webshop or using your point of sale.
  • Why do I need payment software for my Box?
    The more successful your box becomes, the more invoices you'll have to process. Care to manage hundreds of invoices manually? Didn't think so. Payment processing software helps you keep track of invoices and reduce your workload. By automating the billing process, you'll save hours of time on your weekly tasks!
  • How can Box scheduling software help me?
    Your time is better spent on adding value for your members, instead of performing manual class bookings and chasing no-shows. Let your members do it themselves by using a class scheduling tool. It'll offer your members a great booking experience and will keep your schedule filled up.
  • How will your Box benefit from a community?
    Box is more than WODs or a weekly class. It's a lifestyle. It's about putting in the work every day to become better. With your own online community you can motivate your members to live healthier lives, without the distractions of other social media channels. That means you can cut through the noise with promotional offers as well!

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