Webinar: Industry-proven best practices for lead conversion that will transform your business

Mar 30, 2018 - 2 min read
Webinar Best Practices for Lead Conversion - Virtuagym

Want to get more clients for your business, and ultimately more cash in your pocket? Then you cannot miss this must-watch webinar with Karen Joy & Brittany Bachman, two of the sharpest minds in the lead conversion field.

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Find out the key to converting

To convert more leads and make more money, it’s important to understand and perfect the process of taking a potential paying client through a journey that will make them fall in love with your business.

Getting more leads for your fitness business doesn’t need to be the daunting task that it appears to be, and Karen & Brittany will show you exactly why. From the beginning of the sales process right through to getting the most value out of each client, no detail is going to be left untouched.

Struggling to master the art of advertisement? You’re not the only one. This webinar will go in-depth into the how, why, where, when and who of an effective advertisement campaign and show you the steps to take to become to turn your business into a marketing behemoth.

You’ll learn:

  1. How to find more leads
  2. Where are your clients when they’re not with you?
  3. Effective advertising strategies
  4. Guerilla advertising vs traditional
  5. The importance of referrals
  6. The value of corporate memberships

Our previous webinars have been incredibly popular, with seats filling up quickly with fitness professionals eager to absorb the knowledge Karen & Brittany share. If you want to transform your cash flow and convert more leads than ever before, you really cannot afford to miss this opportunity.


How to Get More Leads For Your Fitness Business

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