Virtuagym launches podcast series to help fitness businesses during COVID-19

By Parisa Hashempour

Published 14 May 2020

Life is a little crazy right now. And if you’re like most other fitness professionals, you are probably looking for all the help you can get in understanding how to adapt to the future of fitness post-pandemic. Virtuagym wanted to help, so we’ve put together a new podcast series, which is available for every week for anyone in the industry.

Each week, a panel of fitness experts discuss relevant topics that our industry is facing and how club owners and fitness professionals can adapt to the changing demands of life under the current quarantine measures.The series provides answers to fitness professionals’ burning questions about coronavirus business strategies and beyond.

It teaches them the techniques they need to employ in order to digitize their businesses, engage members, reduce churn and avoid a drop in revenue. It also provides the industry with a community space to discuss ideas and share updates. Over 3,500 fitness professionals from around the world have already attended the weekly online events so far.

We’re biased, so we think you should be listening to our podcast on Spotify. But even if you don’t pick ours, there are a whole host of reasons you should be listening to business, fitness or marketing podcasts for gym owners right now.

Why should I listen to podcasts?

Well, since you asked. THIS is the rundown on why you should be listening to podcasts, especially during current quarantine measures.

#1 They’re free!

Money is tight right now for a lot of people. Due to forced facility closures, you may have suffered a drop in revenue or increased levels of membership cancellation requests. One of the best things about getting your information from podcasts is that unlike books or many trade magazines, you can access them completely free of charge.

You can listen to gym podcasts on Spotify, or other sites like Pocketcasts, Podbean, Apple podcasts, Podchaser and more, will give you access to a huge range of podcasts for no cost.

#2 They are a wealth of expert advice

If you read a book by an expert in your field, you’ll spend days (maybe even weeks) with your book and come out with the expertise of usually just one person. Podcasts such as the one hosted by Virtuagym feature expert panels with multiple points of view.

By simply plugging in your earphones and heading out of the house for your daily isolation-escape (aka walk or jog), you have access to a wealth of information via discussions by industry leaders within your niche.

#3 They’re a quick and easy way to get information

Podcasts can last from five minutes to well over an hour. There’s something for everyone – and if you’re someone with very little time (as most business owners are), then you can actively seek out the podcasts that fit in with your lifestyle.

Unlike video, social media scrolling through a magazine article or flipping through your favourite trade magazine, podcasting is an activity you can multi-task with. Keep yourself in shape and do your daily cardio, at the same time as pursuing exponential growth for your business.

#4 They could help you transform your business model

Recent research by Virtuagym found that over half of all survey respondents (made up of fitness professionals from across the USA and Europe) found that they were unsure how to innovate their business model in the face of the coronavirus.

Many in the industry have been giving away training sessions free of charge since facilities closed, however, without transforming their digital offering into a revenue stream, these companies run the risk of losing out and falling behind their competitors. Listen to a wide variety of podcasts in order to develop your business during isolation. In addition, you could listen to specialized digital marketing podcasts, so that you can better understand how to market your new business model online.

The best thing about Virtuagym’s podcast is that it combines all of the topics that are most relevant to you and your business. The podcast is built specifically to cater for exactly what your fitness business needs to know most.

Virtuagym’s new podcast, “Your Fitness Business & COVID-19” is available for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and most podcast streaming apps and sites. For more information on the content of our podcast, check out the Virtuagym webinar page here.

Parisa Hashempour


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