Virtuagym appoints Rutger Peters as member of Supervisory Board

By Parisa Hashempour

Published 10 September 2020

Amsterdam – Virtuagym appoints Rutger Peters, Gynzy CEO and co-CEO of GameHouse, as a new member of the supervisory board of one of Amsterdam’s fastest-growing tech scale-up and fitness software market leader.

In 1998, and straight out of business school, Rutger co-founded with the foresight that the internet would be the future of gaming. The company grew to $5m in revenue and 100+ employees in 18 months and then went back to zero due to the dotcom bust. In the aftermath, Rutger forged a path from bankruptcy to his current position as a market leader.

In 2001, he co-founded internet games company Zylom, and in 2006 merged with RealNetworks’ European games business and subsequently grew to $50m in revenue and $10m in cash profit. In 2009, Rutger went on to start online education company Gynzy, which has turned into the Dutch classroom software market leader, with a 65% market share. He returned to GameHouse in 2015 and transformed the company from a PC only business into a mobile free-to-play games company.

Virtuagym CEO Hugo Braam says, “Rutger is a nephew of ours and was a great example and inspiration for us when we started Virtuagym. We are extremely excited that Rutger responded positively when we asked him to join our SB as he has very relevant experience in SME SaaS and gaming, which are both relevant for us, and has proven to be a great person to work with.” 

Rutger adds “True entrepreneurship in my mind is continuing to execute where most people would have long given up. The founders, Paul and Hugo, have demonstrated extraordinary perseverance which has turned Virtuagym into the company it is today. I’m honored, and look forward to helping the company and its founders throughout its next growth phase.”

Virtuagym is confident that Peter’s 20 years of market experience and gift for entrepreneurship make him a perfect addition to their supervisory board.

About Virtuagym

Virtuagym offers an innovative fitness software platform for customer engagement, coaching, and club management. The platform consists of a complete ecosystem with integrated mobile apps and includes modules for fitness training and nutrition guidance, class booking, online coaching, business analytics, member and staff administration, scheduling, invoicing, access control, and more.

With over 200 employees and offices in Amsterdam and the Americas, Virtuagym supports over 15 million consumers, more than 6,000 health clubs, and 30,000+ trainers worldwide, including Workout Anytime, XSport, Newtown Athletic Club, Rochester Athletic Club  and more.

Parisa Hashempour

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