Book, Schedule, Plan: 5 New Updates & Improvements to Virtuagym's Schedule

Jul 1, 2024 - 7 min read
Get booked out fitness clasess and manage bookings with our scheduling software

Virtuagym’s booking system and fitness class scheduling software are among our flagship products, and we are working tirelessly to improve them. Over the past few years, we’ve invested heavily in the platform, essentially rebuilding it from the ground up, adding the latest technologies and adding brand-new features.

This overhaul of our scheduling tool has been a long road, but development has reached a point where we can invite you, fitness business owners, and your customers to become acquainted with our newest features. See what’s in store for the future.

The plug-and-play Virtuagym online booking widget for your website.

Why You Need Virtuagym’s New Scheduling Tool

We understand that a solid booking software is essential to take every business to the next level— gym and fitness center alike — listing their services on a booking page on their website, looking to convert new members, offering free trial packages and reduce no-shows from clients.

A great customer experience where clients can book online with the click of a button on your website and a powerful management software that supports your booking page and system will elevate your business.

What’s New?

First, you will notice the name change in the sidebar: what was first simply called Schedule was renamed Appointment Schedule . Of course, we didn’t leave it at just a name change—but before we dive into the list of improvements and updates, let’s look at the biggest differences between the old schedule and the new.

Old vs. New

In our old schedule, the main point was to offer business services through fixed group classes. This means these classes always took place on a fixed date and time.

However, in the new Appointment Schedule, you can now manage both fixed classes, such as spinning, yoga, and HIIT, as well as flexible appointment bookings, such as 1:1 personal training sessions , based on your staff’s availability.

Virtuagym’s management software optimizes your group classes schedule

Staff Scheduling Options

But that’s not all: the new Appointment Schedule is also a great tool to help your business schedule internal meetings with your staff. This means you don’t have to switch between different schedules for your business anymore, but all the features of the brand-new scheduling software are now easy to find, easier to manage and always updates in one central place.

We’re rolling out more features that will make our Staff Scheduling an unmissable tool for running your gym or studio! Find out more here.

Soon availible: time reporting for stafff

Don’t Change a Winning Team

Of course, all the features you know and love from the old schedule supported by our first-in-class management software are still available: from booking recurring appointments, integrations with your website booking widget, appointment reminders, quickly assign coaches, and attendance tracking.

Our new and improved scheduling software is here to help you.

5 Updates & Improvements to Our Appointment Scheduling Software

Filling your fitness classes and personal training through online bookings, managing class bookings and training sessions with our comprehensive scheduling software has never been easier.

We’ve rolled out five improvements and updates to our booking system and gym scheduling software to help streamline fitness businesses and fitness services.

1. Guarantee Full Classes With the Waiting List

Manage bookings for popular fitness classes by beloved fitness trainers easily and optimize available spots for more customers. Your customers book their spots on the brand-new waiting list for group classes directly through the client app.

In case of (last-minute) cancellations or no-shows, the spots open up, and customers are alerted via email notification. The first-come-first-serve system keeps it fair for both new customers and long-time clients.

2. Get More Leads With the Guest Booking System

One fool-proof way to generate leads and convert new clients in today’s fitness industry is to offer guest bookings for fitness classes through your scheduling software.

For example, our booking widget on your website makes it easy to implement online bookings and a free trial for guests.

Lead management software helps streamline your business dealings

Follow Through on New Leads

But to accept bookings from guests for your fitness classes is only half of the story: you want to be able to follow up with these guests after their online booking and convert them to loyal customers .

To help you get more bookings and strengthen your lead-generation capabilities, our scheduling software now offers the ability to send emails to your guests at any point in their customer journey.

And to help your staff welcome these new leads even better, the fitness booking system for guests will notify your team every time a guest booking is cleared, updated or canceled.

Virtuagym’s All-in-One management software allows you to caputure and follow up on leads from one central platform

3. Editing Made Easy Past Events Updates

Keep your business reports up-to-date, manage members, and sort attendance tracking at any point — even if the event has already passed!

Recently, we already introduced the option to add or remove participants from events current and past events, but soon, more features will be launched.

Events will become fully editable, meaning you can create, delete, and amend all their features, both single and recurring.

4. Broaden Your Scope With Third-Party Integrations

Don’t limit yourself to the clients you can reach yourself! By working with third parties such as ClassPass, OneFit, GymPass, Egym Wellpass and many other local providers for gyms and fitness studios.

Clients book appointments and sessions online through the multiple channels and platforms provided by the third parties, so you can save time on lead generation, intake forms and marketing tools.

Virtuagym offers a wide selection of third-party integrations

Squash it: Bug Fixes & Small Updates

To make life and entrepreneurship easier, so you can support customers and their fitness goals even better, we continuously work to streamline our fitness class scheduling software.

From fixing bugs to those small quality-of-life updates; this will help you manage classes, bookings, clients and appointments.

Auto-save on Date and Time Slot

When you navigate back from the confirmation screen to the time slot selection, the date and time you have chosen are now auto-saved and shown in the booking flow. No more double bookings!

Optimized Loading Time for My Bookings

We’ve reduced the loading time on the events in the My Bookings section, making it even faster to access the overview of your classes and appointment booking.

New Look for Free Classes

For all activities and classes that are free, because there are no credit costs associated with them in your online booking system, you can now hide the “free activity” text in the event.

Added Filters in My Bookings

Clients save time with the new filters on the My Bookings screen. With a simple click, they can manage all their appointments, bookings, and services by filtering on status: booked or canceled.

What Do Our Customers Think About Our Scheduling Tool?

Of course, we can talk to you about our scheduling software until we’re blue in the face. So rather, listen to what our customers have to say! They use our software daily and have added great value to their proposition with our solutions.

Learn How SoulStudio 010 Optimized Their Schedule

SoulStudio 010 got more out of their class booking with Virtuagym

Yada van der Hoek is the founder of SoulStudio 010, a yoga studio specialized in HOT classes such as Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, and Hot Small Group Workouts. Clients can buy monthly memberships, single classes, and even credits for individual classes.

Self-proclaimed “not great with computers”, Yada needed to choose a scheduling solution that she could easily use — and Virtuagym was a no-brainer to help optimize SoulStudio’s schedule.

With the wide selection of classes and subscription types, it’s paramount SoulStudio clients can see the offering of all classes. With Virtuagym’s scheduling software, Yada and her staff can plan their working hours and classes while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Tripod Training Tested The Schedule Through and Through

High-end lifestyle studio Tripod Training swears by Virtuagym’s scheduling solution — and they have been using it for almost a decade! Yannick van Roessel, co-founder of Tripod Training has the following to say:

“Before 2014, we used Google Calendar, but somehow, our schedules never synced correctly. That’s when we started using Virtuagym’s scheduling solution—whenever there was a new update, we immediately started using it for our business.”

Sync your schedules and calendars with Virtuagym

How Do I Start Using the New Scheduling Software for my Fitness Business?

Are you ready to make the jump? Our consultants are at the ready to help you navigate our software offering and help you pick what is best for your business. If you are already a Virtuagym customer, you can connect with your Virtuagym contact or request a demo via our website form .

I Want To Learn More About Virtuagym

Are you new to Virtuagym? Welcome! Get to know our software, packages, and management software in a free demo. We are happy to discuss your business needs and find the best made-to-measure software solution for you—from fitness scheduling software to online payments to a custom app. Book your demo today and learn about our management software solution.

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