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Oct 17, 2020 - 5 min read
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After the year we’ve been through, the thought of reopening might fill you with equal parts fear and excitement. On one hand, you’ll finally be able to run your fitness business again and start making those client hours happen.

On the other hand, it’s just not going to be the same. From social distancing to mask-wearing and reduced capacity, reopening your gym after the coronavirus is going to be a challenge.

Some big questions you might be asking yourself right now might include:

  • How can I introduce additional revenue streams to get my business back on track?
  • What is the best way to retain members that are now used to working out at home?
  • How can I support members who still choose to work out at home?

The pandemic forced the industry to move into the virtual world overnight. However, many of the fitness professionals we spoke with found that they were unable to monetize their new online offering. This was mainly because they didn’t have enough time and money to invest in a large-scale digital fitness project.

In response to this, the Virtuagym team has developed PRO+- a turnkey software that will equip gyms, fitness studios, and health clubs with the tools they need to monetize their online offerings and provide the services that members are looking for in a pandemic-era reality.

PRO+ aims to prepare gyms as they reopen their doors and try to adjust to the new normal.

So, what is PRO+?

PRO+ is the world’s first turnkey solution to online coaching and digital engagement for fitness businesses.

Basically, that means it is a completely ready-to-use digital membership platform filled with online coaching content and a digital community – all run by Virtuagym so you can just sit back and relax.

PRO+ champions in-app connectivity via daily posts and fitness challenges and provides your members with a virtual trainer, livestreamed workout videos as well as audio coaching sessions and meditations so that all your members’ fitness needs are covered.

How can I use PRO+

PRO+ combines in-facility training with digital on-demand workout content. The best part is that it totally transports your business into the future by transforming your business model into a hybrid one. A hybrid fitness model is crucial for driving revenue and can be realized regardless of whether you offer in-person or virtual training.

It provided added value to your memberships by offering high-quality, at-home workouts and wellness options. Fitness businesses can introduce new revenue streams while utilizing technology to do more things in less time.

PRO+ features a huge variety of workouts, each tailored to the different needs of your members. The workout plans and activities are available both in the mobile app (you can find them amongst your club workouts) and in the web portal.  Workouts can be livestreamed  or carried out alongside the in-app personal trainer.

More about PRO+

How can PRO+ benefit my business?

If you’re a fan of increasing your revenue, you’ll love PRO+. It’s a fact that the fitness industry lost an aggregate of $13.9 billion during shutdowns. Looking into the future, we can determine that health clubs, gyms, and studios are at risk of losing their members to digital workout libraries and home workout apps – unless they stand out by combining real-life workouts with home and digital training. Therefore a complete coaching solution paired with in-facility training is undoubtedly the future of fitness.

PRO+ will keep members engaged, reduce the risk of churn, and give business owners something of value to offer members to keep their memberships going. Additional features like food logging are also available to app users; this could be used as another way to upsell and introduce additional revenue streams.

Check out this post on the myriad of ways in which PRO+ can help to increase your revenue.

Some key features of PRO+

PRO+ is a great way to introduce alternative revenue streams if you have frozen memberships due to the coronavirus. Even better, pairing it with a real-life membership means that you can introduce two revenue streams from one membership – clientele willing.

PRO+ acts as a 24/7 personal trainer in the pockets of your members. This tiny app packs a punch. From bodyweight exercises, strength training, and meditation and wellness content – your members have access to hundreds if not thousands of health and fitness content. The best part is that it all starts at just $9.99 a month.

PRO+ is also conceptualized to help fitness businesses support their member base and vice versa. It’s a way for the fitness community to get through the pandemic together while putting health at the forefront. Virtuagym helps you innovate your offering to members, and, in return, they support you through the crisis by paying a smaller membership fee than their full subscription.

Customer retention is a defining element of PRO+. For just a small monthly fee of $9.99, you can encourage members to work out and support your gym in their own small way. It’s the choice between paying a small amount a month, a full monthly rate, or both. This flexibility is imperative during this uncertain period caused by COVID-19, and PRO+ offers more ways than just one to ask for your members’ solidarity during these trying times.

In essence, this is a rich, digital membership experience that pursues a well-rounded approach from an operational standpoint. It’s one that will undoubtedly catch the interests of your members who are keen to work out again and will help prepare your business for the future of the fitness industry.

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